Operational Planning

What is Operational Planning and Why Should I Attend the Strategies of Achievement: Operational Planning Session?

Operational Planning is resource and budget allocation for the next fiscal year.

 This is your opportunity to reflect on our Core Themes and provide input into how SPSCC should spend the operational budget!

How does the operational planning process work?

  • In April 2014, we asked you to reflect on 5 budget priorities
  • Approximately 105 faculty and staff participated in 7 Strategies of Achievement Operational Planning Sessions during April 2014
  • Over 400 strategies of achievement ideas were generated for the defined budget priorities
  • During the 7 individual sessions, faculty and staff selected 108 strategies to forward to the Executive Team
  • The Executive Team selected 36 top strategies to include in the budget and resource allocation process for fiscal year 2014-15 and created an Operational Plan to implement your ideas!
  • The Operational Plan was distributed to everyone at Fall Kickoff 2014
  • You will see an updated Operational Plan progress report at this year’s sessions

How Can I Participate?

  • Reflect on the SPSCC Core Themes
  • Attend a Strategies of Achievement Operational Planning Session
  • Bring your best ideas(s) to share with the group and/or participate in the discussion of other proposed strategies
    • How does the strategy relate to the Core Theme?
    • What is the expected outcome of the strategy?
    • You will be asked to select the Top Strategies in your group during the operational planning session