Operational Planning

What is Operational Planning and Why Should I Attend the Strategies of Achievement: Operational Planning Session?

Operational Planning is a biennial resource and budget allocation supporting the goals of the strategic plan.

This is your opportunity to reflect on our core theme goals within the strategic plan and provide input into how SPSCC should spend the operational budget! During the off year this is your chance to review the status of the core theme goals within the strategic plan.

How does the operational planning process work?

  • Review the data for the Core Themes.
  • Reflect on practices and policies that could influence the data point
  • Document ideas you have to influence this indicator during the operational planning sessions
  • Respond to your colleagues’ ideas via ‘upvotes’ and comments
  • The ideas are collected and sorted by the Institutional Effectiveness committee and the President’s Advisory Committee.
  • The prioritized list is sent to the Executive Team.
  • The Executive Team creates strategies for the operational plan using the prioritized list as input. 
  • The operational plan is approved by the Board of Trustees
  • The operational plan is shared with the college community during kick-off week.

How Can I Participate?

  • Reflect on the SPSCC Core Themes
    • What are the activities/policies/practices in my area that could influence this indicator? 
    • Given this information, what can you do to advance student success and close opportunity gaps.
  • Attend an Operational Planning Session
  • Share your ideas with the group (electronically during this COVID period). Upvote other great ideas.

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