Lacey Campus

Lacey campus

The Urban Campus

Our urban Lacey Campus is perfectly situated in the heart of Lacey, right across from the Intercity Transit Center and within blocks of Timberland Regional Library, City Hall and a multitude of shops and restaurants. The Lacey Campus is a full service campus serving the community, prospective and current students with the same access to student support services as our Olympia Campus, including:

Special Programs & Services

Along with the full suite of classes and services offered at our Lacey Campus, there are a few things that make it unique.

Corporate & Continuing Education (CCE)

Lacey is home to our Corporate & Continuing Education noncredit courses for professional development, computer training, and personal interests.

Lacey Pathways

Lacey Pathways are an exciting way for first-year college students to focus on unique interest areas while building credits toward transfer degrees. Lacey Pathways increase student success and enhance classroom experience while making the most of students’ classroom and homework time.

Center for Business & Innovation (CB&I)

The Center for Business & Innovation is a unique partnership between SPSCC and the Thurston Economic Development Council that is focused on advancing business innovation and growth.