Lacey Pathways

Lacey Pathways are an exciting way for you as a first-year college student to focus on a unique interest area, while building credits toward your transfer degree. You can follow one of Three Pathways at our Lacey CampusBusiness World, Natural World, or Individual & Society. You will enjoy classes taught by teams of professors, who plan and coordinate assignments and activities that enhance your classroom experience, making the most of your classroom and homework time.


Why choose Lacey Pathways?

Benefits of Pathways
  • Paired classes allow teachers to work together to integrate curriculum, materials, and assignments, and to sync due dates, which minimizes stress caused by competing deadlines in traditional classes.
  • Block scheduling allows for 2 or 4-day class weeks that help manage school, work, and home balance.
  • Student support services are integrated into every class, which minimizes out-of-class time needed to get help with advising and learning support.
The Pathways Difference

Similar to traditional classes, you'll start with English as part of the foundation for your degree track, and individual classes earn the same credits as their core counterparts. But core classes offer significant differences that make them ideal for many transfer-oriented students.

Differences for 1st year transfer students

Pathways Class Structure Traditional Class Structure
Paired classes, planned by teachers who work together Single class, single professor
Content and coursework built collaboratively & assignments coordinated by both teachers to sync due dates Content and coursework built individually by teachers & class materials, assignments, and due dates focused and specific to each class subject.
Offered in block schedules to allow for 2 or 4-day week, no Friday classes Class times vary each quarter and follow a traditional 5-day daily schedule
Student support services always integrated into curriculum Student support services occasionally integrated into curriculum
Students with common interests frequently work through pathway together Classmates largely variable in each class each quarter

Three Pathways

Business World

Ideal for students pursuing an Associate of Business transfer degree or are interested in a business-focused degree or career.

Business World — sample curriculum

  • Q1 — Ethics paired with English; Enhancing Student Success
  • Q2 — Microeconomics paired with English; Gen Ed elective (online or on-campus)
  • Q3 — Statistics paired with Human Relations (Psychology); Gen Ed elective (online or on-campus)
Natural World

Geared to students studying toward an Associate of Arts degree.

Natural World — sample curriculum

  • Q1 — Nutrition paired with English; Enhancing Student Success
  • Q2 — Environmental Science paired with English; Gen Ed elective (online or on-campus)
  • Q3 — Oceanography paired with Public Speaking; Gen Ed elective (online or on-campus)
Individual & Society

Students in this pathway are working toward an Associate of Arts degree, and this pathway sets the stage for an easy transfer to a social science or humanities degree. The focus is on how people think, feel, act and communicate with one another, and how they interact with the world around them.

Individual & Society — sample curriculum

  • Q1 — Sociology paired with English; Enhancing Student Success
  • Q2 — Sociology paired with English; Gen Ed elective (online or on-campus)
  • Q3 — Multicultural America paired with U.S. History; Gen Ed elective (online or on-campus)

Think Lacey Pathways may be right for you?

Next Steps
  • Visit: Drop in to meet with an educational planner at our Lacey Campus to learn about upcoming Lacey pathway classes. Walk-in and appointment times are available, with walk-in wait times less than 10 minutes. See Lacey Campus for hours and directions.
  • Make an appointment: Schedule an appointment at Select Advising Center Lacey Campus.
  • Contact us: If you can’t make it to campus, call (360) 709-2033 or email: