Craft Brewing & Distilling Program Admissions

How to Apply


Craft Brewing & Distilling program applications are currently closed.

  1. If you are not currently enrolled: Apply for admission to SPSCC to obtain a Student ID and activate your SPSCC email account.
  2. Create an account during the open application period in the online application's Admission to Special Programs system, and pay the non-refundable $25 fee. This online account will be the primary method of communication to monitor your application status and receive notice of any additional requirements to complete your application.
  3. Monitor your application status in the CBD Application. You will receive confirmation by email that your online application was received. Continue to monitor your SPSCC email and your application account regularly to view the decision status or other actions.

Need Help?

Program Information:
Food, Beverage Arts & Hospitality > Craft Brewing & Distilling

Program Curriculum:
Frank Addeo, Director

Course Transfer Questions:
Sheryl Kermoade, Credentials Evaluator, Enrollment

General Application Questions:
Rob Masterson, Program Specialist, Enrollment