Health Records Requirements

2020 Health Records Requirements

The SPSCC Nursing Program is a member of Clinical Placements Northwest (CPNW), a consortium of schools and clinical sites. Nursing Program students are required to meet the requirements of our clinical partners as outlined by CPNW's Clinical Passport Requirements.

If you are accepted to the Nursing Program, your Clinical Passport records will be due in August. Begin gathering your health records now and start any missing requirements. The Nursing Program Admissions packet will be sent to those applicants who are selected by the lottery and will include the 2020 Clinical Passport, instructions for submitting your records, and their due date.

Nursing Program Health Records Requirements
Nursing Program Health Records Requirements
Tuberculin Status TB testing is annual, we recommend the Quantiferon Gold blood test. If testing with TST, it must be 2-step with records of 4 dates correctly timed apart. Contact Lab Manager if you have positive TST.
Hepatitis B Documentation of 3 vaccination series and titer showing immunity 6-8 weeks after last Vx, or documentation of titer showing immunity. If you are starting the Hep series now, proof of 2nd Vaccination record required in August.
Measles, Mumps, Rubella 2 vaccinations at appropriate intervals or titers for each showing clear immunity.
Varicella 2 vaccinations at least 4 weeks apart or titer showing clear immunity.
TDAP Record after age 11, and a Td if older than 10 years.
CPR AHA BLS Provider Card only. Classes may be offered at SPSCC in August:  your admissions letter will include dates and sign-up information.
Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Required, due in September
Personal Health Insurance Required.


Rebecca Swingle, Lab Coordinator
Bldg 34, Rm 207A
Hours: M-Th 8-4

CPNW Clinical Passport Requirements