Campus Concerns & Conduct Reporting

SPSCC is dedicated to the development of ethically sensitive and responsible persons, through a sound educational program and policies concerning conduct that encourage independence and maturity. Our goal is to strengthen the spirit of mutual cooperation and responsibility shared by all members of the college community.

Campus Reporting

Reporting for Students

Per the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, WAC 132X-60-080, Student Complaints: Students may express and resolve misunderstandings or complaints with any college employee or procedure in a fair and equitable manner. A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction with the performance of a college employee or procedure.

Students that would like to report a grade appeal should use the following forms:

Academic complaints: Students with an academic complaint including, but not limited to, grade disputes, should contact the faculty member within ten business days of the incident and attempt to resolve the issue(s). If unable to resolve the issue(s), the student should file a grade appeal in the Grade Appeal Form to Deans link below within ten business days of contact with the faculty. If still unable to resolve the issue(s), the student should file a grade appeal in the Grade Appeal Form to Vice President for Instruction link below within ten business days within contacting the dean or director. The decision of the vice-president shall be final.

Grade Appeal Form to Deans — Students that have a grade appeal and have met with their professor, can submit an appeal to the Dean of the respective course.

Grade Appeal Form to Vice President for Instruction — Students that have met with the respective Dean of the course and would like to continue to appeal their grade with the Vice President for Instruction.

Students with non-academic complaints:

Complaint of College Employee / Department — Students please use this form if you have a formal non-academic complaint against a College Employee and/or Department.

Reporting for Faculty & Staff

Admission to the college carries with it the expectation that students will conduct themselves as responsible members of the college community, that they will comply with the rules and regulations of the college, maintain high standards of integrity and honesty, respect the rights, privileges and property of other members of the college community and will not interfere with legitimate college affairs.

Faculty and staff, please use the Incident Reporting Form below to report any alleged misconduct that may result in classroom suspension or behaviors that may violate the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Per WAC 132X-60-140(4) Classroom suspension, nothing shall prevent faculty members from taking summary action as may be reasonably necessary to maintain order when they have reason to believe that such action is necessary for the public health, safety or welfare requiring immediate college action or where the student’s conduct materially and substantially disrupts the educational process. Classroom suspension shall be effective for a period not to exceed three scheduled classroom days. The faculty member must immediately report such suspension to the Vice President for Student Services via the Incident Reporting Form and inform their Dean of the suspension.

Incident Reporting Form — report any incidents regarding:

  • General Student Complaints
  • Disruptive Behavior
  • Suspicious Behavior
  • Weapons, Property Damage
  • Threat / Public Safety
  • Assault / Liquor / Drug Abuse

Academic Integrity — report all potential violations of academic dishonesty (cheating and plagiarism), as stipulated in the Dishonesty Violation of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (WAC 132X-60-090).

Behavioral Intervention Team

The Behavioral Intervention Team monitors unusual student interactions or behaviors that occur at SPSCC. Based upon referrals and reports, the Behavioral Intervention Team plans and implements intervention strategies to assist students (who may be of concern or at risk of not achieving their educational goals) before a crisis arises. Please use this BIT Report form to report any BIT concerns.

Bias Incident Reporting

Students and employees have the right to learn and work on a campus free of bias-motivated harassment. SPSCC has a strong commitment to creating an accepting and inclusive atmosphere for learning and working. Please use this BIAS Incident Report form to report any bias incidents.

Harassment / Discrimination Complaint

The college's Sexual Harassment policy states that employees and students must be allowed to work and learn in an environment free from sexual harassment. Any form of sexual harassment is expressly prohibited and will not be tolerated. If an employee or person believes that s/he has been discriminated against or harassed, knows of discrimination or harassment taking place; or feels a violation, misinterpretation, or misapplication of written college policies or the provisions of federal and state nondiscrimination laws has occurred; s/he is encouraged to bring the information to management’s attention immediately. Please use this Harassment / Discrimination Complaint form to report any harassment and/or discrimination.

Students that would like to report student academic grievance appeals and/or has a college complaint, please use the forms provided in the Reporting for Students section above.

Faculty and staff that would like to report an alleged violation of the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities, please use the forms provided in the Reporting for Faculty & Staff section above.

Accident or Incident Report Form

Submit the Accident or Incident Report Form to report an injury, work-related exposure, property damage, or near miss. Please complete and submit to Lacy Neal,