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About Compass

Compass is a web based advising tool that improves the way we support students at SPSCC. Students, faculty, and staff can manually raise alerts or flags that help support students. Faculty can support and nurture students through kudos for performance improvements and to recognize outstanding contributions. Success is a moving target and students need various kinds of support and encouragement at different times. Compass will engage students by keeping them informed and prompting them to act when necessary. Coming to SPSCC is about choosing a career and an academic path. Compass is about helping students stay on it.

How does it work?

Students, faculty, and support staff can access Compass via Current Students, Faculty & Staff, or Canvas. Faculty can raise early alert flags for attendance or academic performance concerns. Support staff will follow up with the student, address or resolve issues, and close the loop with the faculty who raised the early alert flag. Faculty can also send kudos to students to recognize achievement. Students can utilize Compass to ask for help from faculty in a particular course, or from a support staff for non-course needs. The faculty or support staff will be informed with an email and provide students coordinated support and connect them with appropriate resources on campus. It is teamwork in every sense of the word.


Compass support for:


Compass for Students

How you will use Compass: The support you'll need at SPSCC will change over time and be unique to your needs as you grow, learn and become more confident in your educational goals. Compass can be a powerful contributor to your ultimate success. The platform makes it easy for you to connect with your advisor and your faculty, whether about a particular course, an advising question, or a general concern. Compass enables you to connect with the network of SPSCC professionals that care about your success.

  • My Success Network: You will find a network of faculty, educational planners and other staff that are invested in your success while at SPSCC.  In the Success Network, you can find a detailed list of services and contact information to link you to those services.
    • View calendars and available office hours for members in your Success Network.
    • Make online appointments directly through Compass that work with your own schedule.
  • Services: Compass contains a catalog of SPSCC services that allows you to explore and search for all the great services that SPSCC has to offer. This catalog includes information for contacting and scheduling appointments with the various services.


Student Getting Started Guides:


Compass for Instructors

How you will use Compass: Your observations, perspectives, and advice are vital to each student’s journey from start to finish. The Compass platform allows you to easily provide feedback to students with just a few clicks. Your concerns are made visible to assigned support staff (Education Planners, Counselors, Financial Aid Advisors, etc.), equipping them to assist in addressing, resolving, and closing the loop with you on student issues. You can send kudos to students who are doing well or showing improvement, and have the ability to communicate with your students individually or in groups. You make an instant impact on individual students’ success. In Compass, you will also find information on services available to help students reach their goals.

Compass is software designed to improve communication between faculty, educational planners, enrollment services, and students. The initial launch of Compass will be used to replace two current processes used by faculty to communicate with Student Services. Those two processes are Early Alert and No Show Drops. In the future the system will be expanded to include referrals to other services on campus, office hours and appointments, and degree planning.

  • Early Alert: This process will allow you to communicate Kudos or Flags to students, advising and counseling.  Kudos are used anytime during the quarter to acknowledge a job well done by a student.  Flags are used to communicate with a student and their student support network any concerns around student performance.  Not only will this process alert appropriate student services staff to reach out and assist a student, it also allows for staff to "close the loop" and communicate with the faculty the action taken and outcome of the action.
  • No Show Drop: This process will replace the old email system of communicating with Enrollment Services when a student does not show up for a class.  You will access a class roster and indicate the students that have not attended through a couple clicks.


Advisors & Support Staff

Compass for Advisors & Support Staff

How you will use Compass: You support and challenge students every day to help them realize their fullest potential. The Compass platform can, at a glance, show which students are in need of what kind of help. Compass allows you to have one-click access to a holistic view of a student, including past support activity, flags, courses, grades, demographic data, notes, and referrals. You can refer the student to campus services and keep track to confirm that your recommendation was followed. You can also quickly close the loop by informing faculty, and others who have reported concerns, that issues were addressed or resolved. Compass allows you to access communications, interactions, and meetings with your student in a secure central location.

Tracking and communication with a large group of students can be overwhelming. Compass provides advisors a tool to manage their student load.

  • Flags: Faculty and staff can raise a "flag” to alert students and relevant members of the student's Success Network that they are concerned. When a "flag" is raised concerning academic performance, attendance, and social or emotional concerns, you will be notified about their concerns. This is an effort to increase communication among faculty, students and staff members across campus.
  • Close the Loop: After a flag has been raised for a student, advisors can clear the flag and "close the loop" informing all parties that the student has been reached and the concern has been alleviated.
  • Student Success Network: View your advisee's individual support network ranging from instructors and advisers to staff members. Refer your students to appropriate departments on campus while tracking meetings with their Success Network members.
  • Online Appointments: Avoid back-and-forth emails from students that can delay important advising meetings and consume your valuable time. By utilizing the appointments feature, you can create office hours for students to sign up for appointments directly through Compass.


Preparing for a Student Meeting