College in the High School Fee Waiver Program

Fee Waiver

The Fee Waiver program covers the cost of the CiHS fee for SPSCC articulated CiHS courses. You can apply any semester before the registration deadline.  Waiver approval is valid for the entire academic year.

Students must re-apply each year for fee waiver while they are in the CiHS program.  Fee waiver does not cover the course fee for CiHS classes articulated through other colleges.


Students who are currently Free/Reduced Price eligible (or anytime in the past five school years) may receive a fee waiver by selecting the option on the CiHS Registration Request form. Selecting this option provides permission for your school to verify your FRPL status with the CiHS program for the purpose of ensuring access to the fee waiver. 

Choosing to not disclose FRPL status will not affect the student’s eligibility for access to College in the High School or free and reduced-priced meals or free milk at the high school.

If you have never applied for FRPL (or do not wish to work with the high school for FRPL status) but your household is within the income criteria for the USDA WIC program you can also qualify for the fee waiver.

Acceptable documentation

If you do not have FRPL status, you'll need to submit one or a combination of these documents to the One Stop to qualify for Fee Waiver. Please do not email as these documents contain sensitive, personally identifiable information.  If the student is not the one qualified for benefits in the household and is not listed on the approval, please submit supporting documentation to show the student is a dependent in the household where benefits are received (ex: BFET approval for the parent and last year's tax return showing the student listed as a dependent of that parent)

  • Approval of minor SSI benefits
  • Approval letter for food stamps (BFET), TANF benefits, or documentation of the last 3 months of benefits
  • First page of the most recent year's tax return (form 1040/1040a), showing list of dependents and total income

You must complete the CiHS Registration Request form in order for your fee waiver to be applied. You will receive email confirmation within 2-3 business days if follow up is needed.