College in the High School Steps to Enroll

  1. 1 Apply
    Submit a free CiHS admissions application online to tell us which classes you are enrolled in at the high school that you would like to earn college credit for. You will need to set up a Self Service Account before filling out the application.
    Learn more » Apply for Admission
  2. 2 Activate Your ClipperID
    Once your application has been processed you will get an email from us with your SPSCC ID Number. Use this to activate your ClipperID to get access to your SPSCC student email. Your Global PIN is your date of birth in the MMDDYY format.
    Learn more » Activate Your ClipperID
  3. 3 Get Placed
    If the course you have applied for has a prerequisite, you must meet this prerequisite before we can enroll you. We will check with your high school for any acceptable documentation. If you do not have any documentation we can use, you will need to place by taking the appropriate English Guided Self Placement (English GSP) or Math Placement WAMAP exam.
    Learn more » Placement & Transfer of Credit
  4. 4 Get Registered
    We will register you for any CiHS courses you have applied for and meet the prerequisite for. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration & your high school instructor will also receive a list of registered students.
  5. 5 Pay the CiHS Course Fee
    Each College in the High School course has a fee of $150.00 that must be paid to your high school. If you are enrolled in more than one course you will pay this fee for EACH course enrollment. Please contact your high school ASB/front office for more information on how to pay.

Drop Requests

The student, high school instructor or high school CiHS coordinator can request a course drop via the CiHS Drop Request form online.

Exception to Drop

Students may request an exception to drop after the Census Day only when the circumstance for the request is due to one of the following:

  • Student is moving and/or withdrawing from the high school
  • Student is suspended from the high school and not allowed access to the high school campus for more than two weeks.
  • Circumstance is due to extended illness, death of an immediate family member, military service, hardship or when there is documented evidence of institutional error.
  • Circumstance is due to a health pandemic or natural disaster forcing closure of the high school for more than two weeks.

If an exception to drop is approved, the student’s enrollment will be dropped, and they will not receive a transcribed grade from SPSCC. The student’s high school transcript will be impacted based on the local high school policies for grades. The student fee payment will be retained, and a refund will not be issued.