Apply to Running Start

Steps to Enroll for Running Start

Step 1

Running Start Information Session Q&A

Welcome to the Running Start program at SPSCC! Your first step to deciding if Running Start is right for you is to view our Information Session Video and then attend a Running Start Information Session Q&A where you can ask any questions you might have. This is recommended as a first step but does not have to be done before the rest of the steps below.

Step 2

Apply to SPSCC.

Apply Online to get your Student ID (SID) number. You will receive an email with your SID number after your application is processed, within 3-5 business days.

Step 3

Set up email & portal.

Outlook iconSet up your SPSCC email account, the email we use to communicate with you and your login to the college network.
Need help? Call 360-596-5544.

Step 4

Qualify for Running Start.

 To be eligible for Running Start, you must place into, or have completed, English 101. Spring 2021 Start: If you do not have any other high school documentation to submit for placement you can take the Guided Self Placement English exam online. Once you have activated your SPSCC email, you can log into your mySPSCC portal and access the exam. Results will be available as soon as you finish and will post to your account the next business day. Please see the Assessment Center page for online testing info. Note for Fall 2021 Start: We are currently updating our placement options for dual credit programs. More information will be posted here and emailed to our partner high schools as it becomes available. We expect to have more information posted by the end of February 2021. See the Running Start Placement Guide for more information on other forms of acceptable documentation.

Interested in learning more about placement and what documents you can use or exams you can take? Join one of our virtual Placement Sessions! Students and parent/guardians are encouraged to attend.

Step 5

Determine high school graduation requirements.

Meet with your high school counselor or school district representative to discuss specific graduation requirements. They will help you decide how many classes to complete at the high school and how many credits to complete at SPSCC. Check out available classes in the Class Schedule. There is a 15-credit limit to the number of courses you can be enrolled in between high school and SPSCC with full tuition coverage. If you want to take more than 15 credits, you will pay full tuition for the additional credits. See the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form for the funding table and use it to meet with your high school counselor.

Step 6

Get registered.

Complete the Pathway Selection Survey and attend New Student Advising & Registration (NSAR) to get ready to register for classes. Provide a photo ID (drivers license, drivers permit, high school ASB card, military ID or state ID) and a list of your high school graduation requirements. Only the student is required to attend the session. (Special Note: NSAR sessions are currently offered online only).

Students will register as a full tuition-paying student during NSAR, but payment is not expected at registration. In order to get tuition and fees adjusted, students must submit the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF).

Step 7

Submit RS Verification Form & pay fees or apply for waiver.
Each quarter, you must submit the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF) in order to get your tuition waived or reduced. Your High School counselor or district rep and your parent/guardian will need to sign the RSEVF before you turn it into SPSCC. All sections must be complete or the form will NOT be processed. The RSEVF can be turned in at NSAR if you have all your signatures.  However in most cases, your high school counselor will want to review your course selection with you after NSAR and will sign off at that time.  Once signed, the form can be turned in one of three ways:
  • In person at the One Stop or Advising Center on the Olympia campus in Building 22
  • In person at the One Stop or Advising Center on the Lacey campus in Building 1
  • Emailed to
Fees and the costs of books and supplies are not covered through the Running Start program.  Fees are due by the tuition due date each quarter. Students with a qualifying financial need may submit for the Fee Waiver & Book Loan Program. Tuition for credits within the funding limits will be paid for you through the Running Start program. If you take classes under the 100 level or over the credit distribution maximums, you must pay tuition for those credits. If at any time during the quarter you change your credit distributions you may owe additional tuition to the college.

2020 Running Start Enrollment Verification Form (RSEVF)

Private or home school & degree completion

Private school, home school, and degree completion students:
If you are NOT seeking a public high school diploma then you are allowed to enroll in a maximum 15 credits each quarter with tuition paid for through the Running Start program. If at any time you decide to seek a public high school diploma, you will be restricted to the funding limits based on high school enrollment. If you enroll in more than 15 credits, you will pay full tuition on the additional credits. You must turn in a signed Running Start Verification Form each quarter for funding purposes.

  • Home School and Private School students: In order to have your college tuition paid through Running Start funds, you first need to enroll in your local public high school. Since districts can have different enrollment processes, it’s best to inquire at the district office about how to enroll for the purpose of accessing Running Start.

    Once enrolled, you can complete the process for taking college classes through the Running Start program. Also, while your private school staff can advise you about which college courses meet graduation requirements, the public school counselor or other designated staff must sign off on your Running Start Enrollment Verification Form each term.
  • Degree completion students: You will still get your Running Start Enrollment Verification Form signed quarterly by your public high school counselor. Degree completion means focusing on the college degree requirements; the college will issue both the associate degree and high school diploma upon approval of graduation application. You should set up an appointment every quarter prior to registration to meet with an Educational Planner at the college to track your degree progress.

Important Dates

Starting Quarter: Spring 2021 Fall 2021 Winter 2022
Recommended to Apply By: Feb 2020 Apr 2021 Oct 2021
Admissions Deadline: Mar 29, 2021 Sep 7, 2021 Dec 20, 2021
Class Schedule Online: Jan 2021 Apr 2021 Oct 2021
Submit Placement Documents or Test: Jan-Feb 2021

Mar-Apr 2021

Oct-Nov 2021
Registration Opens: Feb 22, 2021 May 24, 2021 Nov 8, 2021
RS Verification Form Due:

Mar 23, 2021

Aug 31, 2021 Dec 14, 2021
Fees Paid or Submit Fee Waver Due:

Mar 23, 2021

Aug 31, 2021 Dec 14, 2021
Classes Start: Apr 12, 2021 Sep 20, 2021 Jan 3, 2022
Note: Students may continue to register for classes after the RS Verification form due date through the first week of classes, however submission of the form and payment of fees is expected within one business day of enrolling in courses after this date.

Running Start Information Session Video

Please view the video below (about 23 minutes) with your parent/guardian(s). This video will provide information about:

  • Understanding the benefits and considerations of Running Start
  • College expectations
  • Limitations on information sharing
  • College resources and
  • Costs of the Running Start program




After viewing the video, please join one of our live Running Start Information Session Q&A Zoom meetings. We also have Assessment Center staff available in these Q&A sessions if you have specific placement related questions (see calendar feed below).

To join a session, please click on any of the Zoom meeting links below labeled "Running Start Information Session Q&A" no more than a half hour before the start of the session. We will offer in person Q&A meetings when it is safe for our staff and the public to resume large gatherings. If you have further questions or are unable to attend a Zoom meeting, please email for assistance.

To learn more about Zoom and to practice joining a meeting, check out the Zoom website: