Running Start Eligibility & Enrollment

Running Start allows 11th and 12th grade high school students to take college-level courses. Running Start credits can count toward high school graduation requirements.

Any public, private, or home school student eligible for junior or senior status (11th or 12th grade) who places into or has completed ENGL& 101 is eligible for Running Start. Students can place into ENGL& 101 several ways. See Running Start Placement. The student should be enrolled in a public school district for funding purposes.

Students who want to take math courses or a course that has a math prerequisite must show that they have met the prerequisite to enter the course. Students can meet these prerequisites several ways. See Running Start Placement.

Current or Continuing Running Start Eligibility

Running Start students have imposed funding limits that restrict the total number of classes they can take through the Running Start program.

The funding limits table is available on the Running Start Verification Form (RSEVF) and should be used by students to create their high school and college schedules.

Students must fill out a new Running Start Verification Form (RSEVF) each quarter. Continuing students may register online or in person. Steps for applying to Running Start are available at Running Start Enrollment Checklist.

Adding / Dropping Classes

To add or drop a class prior to the Running Start Verification Form due date, you can go online through the student portal to update your schedule.

After online registration ends, you must fill out the Add / Drop form. Changes to your college schedule cannot be made at the high school. You must come to building 22 to change your classes at the One Stop counter. Make sure you bring photo ID (driver’s license, student ID card, military ID, etc.). It is your responsibility to make sure that the classes you add will count for high school credit and will keep you within your funding limits (unless you choose to over-enroll and pay the tuition costs).

Summer Quarter Registration

Running Start students can take summer quarter classes, but you will be responsible for paying your tuition. The Running Start program cannot pay for any courses taken over the summer quarter. To help you prepare, and for information about tuition costs, please see the Tuition Table.

If you will be a Running Start student for the upcoming fall quarter, you do not need to do anything special for your enrollment.  You will follow the Running Start Enrollment Checklist.  During your New Student Advising & Registration session, you will register for BOTH summer and fall quarter classes.  If you are a continuing Running Start student, then you will have access to summer and fall registration via your student portal.

Grades from summer quarter classes are not automatically sent back to your high school.  To request your grades be sent to your high school, please contact your assigned Running Start Advisor and let them know what class(es) you completed.

Registering for More Than 18 Credits

To take more than 18 credits, you must:

  • have a 3.0 GPA and 30 college credits completed
  • fill out an Excess Credit Request form
  • meet with an Educational Planner
  • be able to pay the additional tuition
Release of Information

Running Start students are considered regular college students and are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Parents/caregivers do not have access to student grades, class schedules, etc. Students may give parents/caregivers permission to view this information by submitting to Enrollment Services the Release of Records form.