Adult Basic Education (ABE)

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  • English
  • Math
  • Basic Computers

Winter 2022 ABE Classes start January 3. 

The Winter Quarter ABE English and Basic Computer classes will be offered in hybrid format. This means students can come to class one or two times mornings/afternoons per week at the Olympia Campus and will have other learning online. ABE Math can be taken entirely online or offered in hybrid format with classes scheduled in the afternoon.

To prioritize your health and safety, SPSCC is taking quick action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, intake appointments are available by phone, zoom, or email.  

To register for ABE classes, please email or call 360-596-5288. Or you can sign up for more information by filling out the form below.

Returning Students:

Students who are returning after six or more months may need to renew their SPSCC admission form. All returning students should contact Angela Holley for a registration appointment -- see sign up below.

Other Important Information:

*Non-eligibility:  Students in the U.S. on a student (F-1, M-1) visa are not eligible for the college's Adult Education (BEdA) classes.  Please contact the International Student Office about the Intensive English Program. People in the U.S. as "nannies" or "au pairs" on a study exchange (J-1) visa are required to participate in college-level academic classes.

Children are not allowed in the test sessions, information sessions, or in classes. Students who need disability accommodations should contact Access Services.


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