Business Operations Coordinator


Program Description

Basic background in business with emphasis on skills required to coordinate multiple functions within a small business.  Program focuses on recordkeeping skills, communication skills and enhancing interpersonal skills to improve the efficiency of an organization. 

Career Opportunities

Graduates may work as part of a team or may be the main support person at an entrepreneurial firm.  Much depends on the student’s work experience and prior background.  The skills are general in nature but broad enough to be applicable to a wide variety of work settings. Students who are currently employed as the main support person in a small office will benefit from the breadth of training through their introduction to basic managerial skills. See Business » Business Administration for more career and employment information.

Program Outcomes

At the completion of the Business Operations Coordinator Certificate, the successful student will be able to:

  • Analyze and evaluate alternatives that lead to successful accomplishment of organizational objectives
  • Create and present information in written, oral, and symbolic forms to clearly convey business information  
  • Formulates strategies to collect and evaluate quantitative and qualitative data to support organizational objectives
  • Recognize and assesses ethical dilemmas in the workplace
  • Recognize and adapt interpersonal behaviors and communication styles to effectively collaborate in a multicultural world

In addition, students who complete the program will demonstrate the following skills standards:

  • Support and manage the operations of a small organization within a variety of fields 
  • Create documents and maintain records important to the daily operation of the business
  • Manage customer or client expectations
  • Use a variety of media, including the web, to market the business

Certificate Requirements  

A Certificate will be awarded upon completion of core and general education requirements.

Program Information

Admission:  Students are accepted into the program every quarter.

Length of Program:  Full-time students would typically complete a 58-credit program in four to five quarters, after basic skills and/or pre-college  are complete.

Associate in Applied Science Degree Option

If a degree is desired, courses used to complete the certificate apply directly to the Business Administration Associate in Applied Science Degree. 

Additional Program Information

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Educational Plan

Business Operations Coordinator

Certificate of Completion 
58 credits

Core Requirements  

Shared between our Certificate and Degree

ACCT&201 Principles of Accounting I 5 Credits Search Schedule
Examines the basic structure of accounting, including receivables, payables, merchandise inventory, deferrals, accruals, depreciation and internal controls. Prerequisite: "C" or better in MATH 097 or OFTEC 170 (formerly CIS 107).
Distribution: AA, AS, DTA
BUS&101 Introduction to Business 5 Credits Search Schedule
Provides an overview of current concepts and structures of American business. A general look at the functions of business: forms of ownership, management, personnel, marketing, production, finance, and the economic picture. Prerequisite: Eligible for ENGL& 101.
BUS104 Business Math 5 Credits Search Schedule
Emphasis on solving practical problems in business, including percentages, payroll, simple and compound interest, annuities, discounts, markups, using a calculator. Prerequisite: MATH 094 or higher with a grade of "C" or better and eligible for ENGL& 101.
BUS140 Customer Service 5 Credits Search Schedule
Focuses on creating and maintaining positive customer relations. Emphasizes the importance of developing a service-oriented organization whose practices foster customer retention and loyalty. Develops skills in problem-solving, communication both oral and written, critical thinking and decision-making in order to identify and respond to customer needs. Prerequisite: Eligible for ENGL& 101.
BUS160 Principles of Marketing 5 Credits Search Schedule
Business activities concerned with planning, pricing, promotion and distributing goods and services. Fundamental principles and business cases are combined so the student may understand more clearly the functioning of marketing in our economy and internationally. Prerequisite: BUS& 101 (formerly BUS 101) or instructor's permission.
BUS260 Principles of Management: Diversity 5 Credits Search Schedule
Analysis of the functions of management, including planning, problem solving, decision making, organizing, leading, directing, motivating and controlling. Special emphasis will be on current management issues including the importance of valuing diversity. Students will be expected to employ critical thinking skills to analyze and address typical workplace challenges. The case method, role playing, practical applications and exercises will be used. Prerequisite: Eligible for ENGL& 101. Completion of ENGL& 101 (formerly WRIT 101) is strongly recommended.
OFTEC108 Introduction to Microsoft Office 3 Credits Search Schedule
Introduction of major software application packages as tools in business. The following operating and applications software will be covered: Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. OFTEC 101 (formerly CIS 101) recommended or ability to type by touch at least 20 words a minute. This course was formerly known as CIS 108. Prerequisite: None.
OFTEC136 Microsoft Word I 5 Credits Search Schedule
Overview of MS Word for Windows software using a personal computer. Basic document creating, editing, and assembly; text formatting, tables, columns, macros, templates, styles, and mail merge. The ability to keyboard by touch 20 words a minute recommended. This course was formerly known as CIS 136. Prerequisite: OFTEC 108 (formerly CIS 108) or OFTEC 100 (formerly CIS 100).
OFTEC141 Excel 5 Credits Search Schedule
An introduction to Excel for worksheet applications. Creating simple worksheets using numbers, dates, text, formulas, desktop features, formatting, charting, printing, and file handling. Techniques include copying, moving, relative, and absolutes cell references, using functions in formulas, file linking, multiple windows, and range naming. More advanced topics such as database and macros will also be introduced. This course was formerly known as CIS 141. Prerequisite: OFTEC 108 (formerly CIS 108) or OFTEC 100 (formerly CIS 100) and MATH 094.

Elective Choose one of the following:

BUS220 Starting and Managing a Small Business 5 Credits Search Schedule
An exploration of entrepreneurship. Examines how to define and develop business ideas, conduct basic research, and identify markets. Covers the steps in business planning and development of the business plan. Financing and a variety of management issues are addressed. BUS& 101 (formerly BUS 101) recommended. Prerequisite: None.
CIS184 Creating Web Pages 5 Credits Search Schedule
Creating web pages with HTML 5 (Hypertext Mark-Up Language version 5) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Emphasis on HTML tags for text, images, links, lists, simple layouts, complex layouts, tables, style, internal style sheets, and external style sheets. Also an introduction to XHTML. CIS 108, CIS 110, and CIS 123 recommended. Prerequisite: MATH 097.

General Education Requirements

ENGL&101 English Composition I 5 Credits Search Schedule
Develops writing skills by focusing on strategies and techniques writers use to convey ideas, evaluate information, make a point, and participate in multiple discourse communities. Emphasizes both the process and the product of writing. This course was formerly known as WRIT 101, College Writing I. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement test scores OR appropriate completion of ENGL 095, ENGL 095X, or ENGL 098 OR concurrent enrollment in ENGL 110 with instructor's permission.

Addititional Communication: Choose one of the following:
CMST&220 Public Speaking 5 Credits Search Schedule
Introduction to oral communication theory and to public speaking/listening practice as applied to a variety of settings and audiences. Students will learn to verbally inform and/or demonstrate and persuade an audience using a variety of speech types. Covers speech preparation, critical listening and thinking, and individual and group presentation techniques. This course was formerly known as SPCH 101, Introduction to Public Speaking. Prerequisite: None.
CMST240 Intercultural Communication: Diversity 5 Credits Search Schedule
The study of intercultural communication theory and cultural adaptation processes, and the development of skills in transmitting and receiving oral and written messages within a cross-cultural context. Covers selecting a communication style and strategies appropriate to a specific audience and setting. Examines how differences in cultural background influence communication patterns in families, communities, schools, and the workplace. This course was formerly known as SPCH 105. Prerequisite: ENGL& 101 eligible or instructor's permission.


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