Entrepreneurship - Certificate of Achievement


Program Description

The Entrepreneurship Certificate is designed for persons interested in creating or growing their own business. Completion of a specialized Certificate can lead to increased employment opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Opportunities and potential earnings vary with the geographic area and size of firm as well as past experience of the individual.  The opportunities available in establishing one’s own business are limited only by abilities and desires. See Business » Business Administration for more career and employment information. 

Program Outcomes

 At the completion of the Entrepreneurship Certificate, the successful student will be able to:

  • Analyze and evaluate alternatives that lead to successful accomplishment of organizational objectives
  • Create and present information in written, oral, and symbolic forms to clearly convey business information  
  • Formulates strategies to collect and evaluate quantitative and qualitative data to support organizational objectives
  • Recognize and assesses ethical dilemmas in the workplace
  • Recognize and adapt interpersonal behaviors and communication styles to effectively collaborate in a multicultural world

Program Information

Length of Program: This program is offered on a part-time basis. Students typically complete this program in 4-6 quarters, if basic skills and/or pre-college are complete.

Additional Program Information

Educational Plan


Certificate of Achievement
19 credits

BUS220 Starting and Managing a Small Business 5 Credits Search Schedule
An exploration of entrepreneurship. Examines how to define and develop business ideas, conduct basic research, and identify markets. Covers the steps in business planning and development of the business plan. Financing and a variety of management issues are addressed. BUS& 101 (formerly BUS 101) recommended. Prerequisite: None.
BUS160 Principles of Marketing 5 Credits Search Schedule
Business activities concerned with planning, pricing, promotion and distributing goods and services. Fundamental principles and business cases are combined so the student may understand more clearly the functioning of marketing in our economy and internationally. Prerequisite: BUS& 101 (formerly BUS 101) or instructor's permission.
BUS&201 Business Law 5 Credits Search Schedule
A study of the American legal system; includes the Constitution, legislative, executive and judiciary branches. Examines system structure, concepts, procedures, terminology, ethical principles with an emphasis on principles and procedures applicable in the context of business contracts. Covers definitions, formation, interpretation and enforcement within the legal field. This course was formerly known as BUS 171, Business Law I. Prerequisite: Eligible to take ENGL& 101.
ACCT234 Accounting for Small Business Owners 4 Credits Search Schedule
Introduces basic uses of accounting information from the perspective of a small business owner: financial statements, ratio analysis, budgets, and cash flow forecasts. Prerequisite: None.

Effective Catalog Year 2017-2018, Approved March 15, 2016