Craft Brewing and Distilling


Program Description

The Craft Brewing and Distilling program prepares students to enter industry with a solid understanding of the science, technology, business, and creative elements that are essential for successful employment in the craft beverage industry. Students will learn about the production process, including the sourcing of raw materials, essential safety and maintenance skills, and the fundamentals of flavor and product analysis. Additionally, students will learn valuable skills related to the business and legal components of the craft beverage industry.

Program Outcomes

At the completetion of the Craft Brewing and Distilling program, the successful student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation in business practices related to brewing, distilling, and cider making
  • Create and market craft beverages that appeal to a diverse audience
  • Work within and adhere to a complex regulatory environment related to small craft beverage businesses
  • Recognize and adapt interpersonal behaviors, written communication and oral communication styles to effectively collaborate in a multicultural world Identify and implement ethical and environmentally responsibly business practices related to product sourcing and production 


Special Admissions

Program Requirements

Applicants to the program for the 2018-19 academic year must be age 21 or over prior to the first day of Fall Quarter 2018 (Sept. 17, 2018).

Entry into the program will be offered to the first (30) applicants who complete all admission requirements, and preference will be given to those applicants who:

  • have previously submitted a program inquiry/request for information, and
  • who are eligible for English 101 and Math 101 either through placement testing or through prior coursework (college transcripts, high school transcripts, Smarter Balanced test scores, or AP test scores).

Application Process

The program launches in Fall 2018 and the program application will be available May 1, 2018.

Before applying for admission to the program, there are additional requirements to complete.

  1. Apply to SPSCC: If you are not a currently-enrolled student at SPSCC, or if it has been two or more quarters since you last attended, you need to apply for admissions to the college.  Apply online to obtain a Student Id Number and/or to re-activate your student account.  It is free to apply to the college.
  2. Activate your SPSCC email account. Application status updates will be sent only to an SPSCC email address
  3. Obtain transcripts of prior coursework (English, Math and Chemistry) that was not completed at SPSCC to be included with the application. Unofficial copies of transcripts may be used with the application. Official transcripts will be required only from the finalists who are accepted into the program.
  4. Complete the Craft Brewing & Distilling program application (coming soon) and pay the $25.00 non-refundable application fee.
  5. Complete New Student Advising and Registration online or in person.   

Additional Information and Questions

Program and Curriculum Questions
Valerie Sundby-Thorp

Course Transfer Questions
Sheryl Kermoade

General Application Questions
Rob Masterson

Educational Plan

Associate in Applied Science Transfer Degree
100-105 credits

Core Requirements-Associate Degree

No course description for: CBD101
No course description for: CBD102
No course description for: CBD108
No course description for: CBD110
No course description for: CBD111
No course description for: CBD115
No course description for: CBD200
No course description for: CBD201
No course description for: CBD205
CBD210 Fermentation 5 Credits Search Schedule
ACCT234 Accounting for Small Business Owners 4 Credits Search Schedule
Introduces basic uses of accounting information from the perspective of a small business owner: financial statements, ratio analysis, budgets, and cash flow forecasts. Prerequisite: None.
BUS220 Starting and Managing a Small Business 5 Credits Search Schedule
An exploration of entrepreneurship. Examines how to define and develop business ideas, conduct basic research, and identify markets. Covers the steps in business planning and development of the business plan. Financing and a variety of management issues are addressed. BUS& 101 (formerly BUS 101) recommended. Prerequisite: None.

Additional Requirements
Choose 10 credits from 1 Option
For the Associate Degree, in addition to the Core and GE Requirements, choose one of the specialty areas listed below:

Associate Degree - Brewing

No course description for: BREW201
No course description for: BREW210

Associate Degree - Distilling

No course description for: DIST201
No course description for: DIST210

Associate Degree - Cider

No course description for: CIDR201
No course description for: CIDR201

Electives - Associate Degree

Choose 10 credits
WELD - Stainless Steel Welding
CBD 190/290 - Cooperative Work Experience/Internship
Varies - Any course designated as CIS, BREW, DIST, CIDR, or BUS

General Education Requirements - Associate Degree

BUS104 Business Math 5 Credits Search Schedule
Emphasis on solving practical problems in business, including percentages, payroll, simple and compound interest, annuities, discounts, markups, using a calculator. Prerequisite: MATH 094 or higher with a grade of "C" or better and eligible for ENGL& 101.
MATH101 Technical Mathematics I 5 Credits Search Schedule
Theory and applications of mathematics used in technical fields with emphasis on problem solving strategies, measurement, algebra, geometry, unit conversions and the metric system. Prerequisite: MATH 094 with a minimum grade of "C" or MATH 097 (formerly MATH 098) with a minimum grade of "C" or appropriate placement test score.
BUS260 Principles of Management: Diversity 5 Credits Search Schedule
Analysis of the functions of management, including planning, problem solving, decision making, organizing, leading, directing, motivating and controlling. Special emphasis will be on current management issues including the importance of valuing diversity. Students will be expected to employ critical thinking skills to analyze and address typical workplace challenges. The case method, role playing, practical applications and exercises will be used. Prerequisite: Eligible for ENGL& 101. Completion of ENGL& 101 (formerly WRIT 101) is strongly recommended.
ENGL&101 English Composition I 5 Credits Search Schedule
Develops writing skills by focusing on strategies and techniques writers use to convey ideas, evaluate information, make a point, and participate in multiple discourse communities. Emphasizes both the process and the product of writing. This course was formerly known as WRIT 101, College Writing I. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement test scores OR appropriate completion of ENGL 095, ENGL 095X, or ENGL 098 OR concurrent enrollment in ENGL 110 with instructor's permission.

Additional Communication: (ANY on AAS/AAST Gen Ed List)

Effective Catalog Year 2017-2018, Revised March 21, 2017