Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary

Certificate of Achievement

Credits: 9  |   Length of Program: 3 quarters

Subject: Dental Assisting

Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) - Certificate of Achievement

This program provides instruction to dental assistants as preparation for licensure as an Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) in the state of Washington. The curriculum is approved by the Dental Quality Assurance Commission. 


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Career Opportunities

Graduates who have been awarded licensure by the Washington State Department of Health may be hired as an Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary. This licensure extends the scope of practice of traditional dental assisting to include placing and carving direct restorations, taking final impressions, and the ability to perform various supportive services with less supervision.  Expanded Function Dental Auxiliaries also deliver limited services to the community in settings such as schools and community organizations.



Length of Program

This certificate program includes three courses offered in sequence on an evening schedule through one academic year (fall, winter, and spring).

Cost of Program / Financial Aid

ADDITIONAL COSTS (dollar values are approximate and subject to change):

Non-refundable application fee $25.00
Lab fees for materials $120.00
Lab Kit $1,500.00
Medical liability and malpractice insurance          $20.00
Loupes eye wear and light $1,700.00
Personal Protection Equipment $50.00
Textbooks (2) $250.00
White full length lab coat $35.00
Typodont, gums, and teeth $1000.00

The following are estimated costs.  Please contact each directly the for the exact amounts:

EFDA State Licensure fee is $175
Washington State Restorative Exam (WARE) is $300
Western Regional Examining Board Restorative Exam (WREB) is $545

Admission Requirements

Applications for special admission to the EFDA Program are available online. 

Minimum eligibility for entrance to the program: Applicants to the EFDA Program must be currently registered as dental assistants with Washington State (RDA). Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years restorative chairside dental assisting experience within the last 5 years. If an applicant has not graduated from an ADA/CODA accredited dental assisting program they must have a current CDA certificate through the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB). Applicants must have a dentist willing to commit as their sponsoring dentist.  Applicants must also have all passing scores on the EFDA Pre-entrance Exam.   

Priority consideration will be given to those students who have 5 or more years of restorative chairside experience, current certification with the Dental Assisting National Board (CDA), and have submitted a complete application prior to other qualified applicants. Scores on the Pre-entrance Exam will also be considered during the final selection of applicants into the program.

Application procedure:  Applications for the EFDA Program will be accepted beginning on the first business day in March. Those received by the first business day in June will be given priority consideration for admission over applications received after the first business day in June. There is a required, non-refundable $25.00 application fee due at the time of application. For an EFDA application to be complete, all required documentation must be included.

Additional Considerations:

HEALTH AND SAFETY:  Applicants must have current and valid health care provider basic life support (BLS) certification and proof of Hepatitis B immunity. 

Application Process / How to Apply

EFDA Program Admissions / How to Apply

Program Student Learning Outcomes
  • Effectively, independently, and efficiently perform clinical services that may be performed by Expanded Function Dental Auxiliaries in Washington State (T, C)
  • Maintain safe environments in the dental setting by following state and federal standards, professional and ethical standards, and using effective communication
  • Measure, record, interpret, and report data in both clinical and office settings (C, Q)


Ed Plan / Class List
Entry Requirements

PRE-ENTRANCE EXAM:  Once all applications are received, a limited number of applicants will be chosen to take the Pre-entrance Exam in July. This exam consists of a written portion covering basic chairside assisting and a practical portion to include coronal polishing, sealants, and radiographs. All applicants must pass each section before being considered for the EFDA program.

SPONSORING DENTIST:  This is normally the employer of the EFDA applicant.  The sponsoring dentist provides mentoring, instructional support, and the clinical aspect of the second two quarters of the program.


Revision Date: 
May 1, 2020