State Initial Early Childhood Education

Certificate of Achievement

Credits: 15  |   Length of Program: 1-3 quarters

Subject: Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education - State Initial Early Childhood Education Certificate

The Early Childhood Education Associate in Applied Science Degree is designed to provide persons interested in working with children a systematic study of the care, development and education of children from birth to age eight.  Students gain the knowledge and competency necessary for a professional career working with young children.  

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Career Opportunities

Graduates with an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education can qualify for positions as preschool teacher, child care director, child care program supervisor, child care provider, non-certified early childhood teacher, or elementary school classroom aide.  Graduates may be employed by child care centers, cooperative preschools, family child care homes, parks and recreation departments, private preschools, public schools and state and federally funded preschools.


Program Outcomes
  • Critically thinking in order to analyze, evaluate and solve problems using multiple methodologies
  • Having multicultural awareness thru exhibiting an understanding of the ways economic, political, social, and culture factors impact identity and interactions
  • Computation through identification, understanding and communicating the differences between quantitative and qualitative date and be able to explain results                               
  • Demonstrating ethics through identifying complex ethical issues and recognizing and evaluating interrelationships of related issues
  • Communicating effectively through written and verbal communications skills


Cost of Program / Financial Aid

Tuition and Fees

Application Process / How to Apply

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Ed Plan / Class List
Entry Requirements

State Stackable Certificate Requirements:

Prerequisite for Short Certificate of Specialization:  Completed Initial Certificate Prerequisite for State Early Childhood Education Certificate:  Completed Initial Certificate and Short Certificate of Specialization.


Revision Date: 
May 1, 2020