High School+

Finish Your High School Diploma with High School+ 


The High School+ (HS+) Program at SPSCC allows adult students age 18 or older to earn a high school diploma issued by SPSCC and the State of Washington. Students can apply credits earned in high school and knowledge gained in the workforce toward a HS+ diploma. Any remaining credits can be earned through self-paced assignments in the HS+ class. 

HS+ classes are offered both online and in-person. The cost for the program is $35 per quarter and financial assistance is available. Most students are able to complete a HS+ Diploma in 6-9 months. 

You must be at least 18 years old to enroll in HS+ and there is no age limit to enroll in HS+. Students who are not yet 19 years old must also submit a completed High School release form, signed by a school official and parent or guardian. This form is available at your local high school or school district office.

High School Diploma for English Language Learners

Do you need a high school diploma for work or college? Our HS+ ESL Support class helps you learn English while earning high school credits. Don't need a diploma? This class may still be for you! You can learn English while studying science, art, career skills, and other topics taught in high school.

College Funding Options

Ability to Benefit is a federal student aid program that offers the opportunity for students to begin working on a Professional Technical degree goal and earn a high school diploma at the same time.

Who is eligible for Ability to Benefit? 
Ability to Benefit is for students 18 years older and who

  • do not have a high school credential (GED or diploma)
  • want to enroll in a South Puget Sound Community College Professional Technical program and want to apply for financial aid
  • can demonstrate eligibility by passing a placement exam, earning six college credits successfully, or co-enrolling in I-BEST and High School+.

Contact Transition Studies for more information about Ability to Benefit
360-596-5317 or  transitionstudies@spscc.edu

Spring 2023 Schedule

Important Dates:

February 27th: Registration opens for Spring Quarter

March 27th: Last day to apply for Spring Quarter

April 10th: Classes begin

How to enroll in HS+ or GED® Prep 

New Students:

Sign up for the HS+ GEDPrep information email below or attend a registration event. 

Returning Students:

Welcome back! If you have been gone for six months, you will follow the New Student enrollment process above. If you have been gone after missing only one quarter, please email us at transitionstudies@spscc.edu to let us know you are returning. 

Other Important Information:

  • All students enrolling in classes that meet on campus must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or request a medical/religious exemption. Masks may be required in some settings while you're on campus.
  • Children are not allowed information sessions or in classes
  • If you are a student who needs disability accommodation, please contact Access Services

Questions? Need help enrolling in classes? Please contact us at transitionstudies@spscc.edu or 360-596-5317.




GED/HS+ Information Email

Yelm High School+ Classes: To sign up for a HS+ class at the Yelm Extension School, please choose a Yelm Information Session below.

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