High School+


Earn a High School diploma through HS+

We recognize that your experiences have given you skills that you can use in a school setting. Experience you have gained through your life, work, or school can count toward your diploma, and you can pick up the rest of what you need at a reduced tuition rate at SPSCC.

If you're over 18* and need your high school diploma, we will work with you, challenge you, and support your educational success as you demonstrate your competence in reading, writing, and math, to earn your high school diploma through our High School+ program.

*Students who are 18-20 years old can participate in HS+ with additional requirements. Students who are not yet 19 years old must also submit a completed High School Release Form or a Request for Approval to Test form, signed by a school official and parent or guardian. This form is available at your local high school or high school district office. You must be at least 18 years old to enroll in a HS+ course.

Benefits of HS+

  • Count life, work, or school experiences toward your diploma, and get a reduced tuition rate ($35/quarter) at SPSCC.
  • Meet diploma requirements (in most cases) in one quarter or less.
  • Qualify for federal financial aid for college.
  • Increase chances of being accepted into the military (because you will earn an actual diploma rather than an equivalency like the GED).

How to Register for a HS+ or GED® Prep Class

New Students:

  1. Sign up for an Information Session. GED®/HS+ Information Session Signup Form
  2. Attend the Information Session you signed up for. This is when you will register for an orientation + HS+ or GED class.
  3. Take a CASAS entry test at the college's Assessment Center. For hours and location information see the Assessment Center.
  4. Attend orientation class. In orientation class, you will activate your student email account, learn about Canvas (online learning platform), develop your academic plan and prepare for the Adult Education class that best matches your goal.

Returning Students:
Students who are returning after six or more months must go through the new student steps (see above). Students who are returning after missing one quarter (less than six months) should contact 360-596-5317 for a registration appointment.

Other Important Information:
Children are not allowed in the test sessions or in classes. Students who need disability accommodations should contact Access Services.

Spring Quarter HS+/GEDPrep classes begin April 13th. 

To prioritize your health and safety, SPSCC is taking quick action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As result, we have cancelled the group Info Sessions and students are now encouraged to sign up for a HS+ GED class through online processes.

To sign up for a HS+ GED Prep class for Spring quarter, please email nwalker2@spscc.edu and you will be provided information about how to sign up for a class online. If you are not able to sign up for a class online, please call 360-596-5473 and we can arrange a time to meet on campus individually.



GED/HS+ Information Session Signup

Yelm High School+ Classes: Choose a Yelm Information/Registration session below to sign up for Yelm HS+ classes. The Yelm Extension School is located at 107 First Street North, Yelm WA 98597.

Indicate the quarter you intend to start at SPSCC.
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