High School+


Earn a High School diploma through HS+

We recognize that your experiences have given you skills that you can use in a school setting. Experience you have gained through your life, work, or school can count toward your diploma, and you can pick up the rest of what you need at a reduced tuition rate at SPSCC.

If you're at least 18 years old* and need your high school diploma, we will work with you, challenge you, and support your educational success as you demonstrate your competence in reading, writing, and math, to earn your high school diploma through our High School+ program.

*There is no age limit to enroll in HS+ and there are no additional requirements for individuals age 21 or older. Students from the Class of 2018 can participate in HS+ with additional requirements. Students who are not yet 19 years old must also submit a completed High School Release Form or a Request for Approval to Test form, signed by a school official and parent or guardian. This form is available at your local high school or high school district office. You must be at least 18 years old to enroll in a HS+ course.

Benefits of HS+

  • Apply previous credits and/or work/volunteer experiece toward your diploma, and get a reduced tuition rate ($35/quarter) at SPSCC.
  • Meet diploma requirements (in most cases) in one quarter or less.
  • Qualify for federal financial aid for college.
  • Increase chances of being accepted into the military (because you will earn an actual diploma rather than an equivalency like the GED).

How to Register for a HS+ or GED® Prep Class

New Students:

Sign up for the HS+ GEDPrep Information Email below. You will be contacted with information about how to sign up for a HS+ GEDPrep course online. To prioritize your health and safety, enrollment services will be offered online only for the foreseeable future.

Returning Students:
Students who are returning after six or more months must go through the new student steps (see above). Students who are returning after missing one quarter (less than six months) should contact an advisor at transitionstudies@spscc.edu for registration instructions.

Other Important Information:
Children are not allowed in the test sessions or in classes. Students who need disability accommodations should contact Access Services.

Fall Quarter HS+/GEDPrep classes begin September 20th. Classes will be held both online and in-person at the Olympia Campus.

Registration for Fall Quarter classes will be held online June 24th through September 15th.

To sign up for a HS+/GEDPrep class, please provide your contact information below. You will receive a response email with instructions for how to sign up for an HS+/GEDPrep class online.

For questions, please contact us at transitionstudies@spscc.edu or 360-596-5317




GED/HS+ Information Email

Yelm High School+ Classes: To sign up for the online Summer class, please contact an advisor at transitionstudies@spscc.edu or 360-596-5317. To sign up for Fall classes in Yelm, please choose a Yelm Information Session below.

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