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Bachelor of Business in Business Administration


Program Description

SPSCC has an articulation agreement with Cork Institute of Technology in Business Administration. To be eligible to transfer to Cork Institute of Technology into the second-year courses of the three-year Bachelor of Business in Business Administration program, in addition to meeting the normal CIT entry requirements, SPSCC students must successfully complete the Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration degree at SPSCC with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 and have successfully completed the specific classes outlined in the Articulation Agreement (see the AAS requirements page for the specific classes).

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About the College

Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland

[Note: This information is provided by Cork Institute of Technology.]

Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) is recognised and respected as a progressive educational institution of international standing. Established in 1912, it has developed significantly over the years and has been recognised twice as the Sunday Times "Institute of Technology of the Year". All of its programmes meet the requirements of the Irish National Framework of Qualifications and, thus, are fully recognised internationally.

CIT is noted for the strength of its relationships with industry and the applied nature of its courses and research programmes. A key component of CIT's work is servicing industry both through the supply of graduates and through research. It maintains relationships with several universities across the world with whom it exchanges students and staff. As a consequence, approximately 800 international students and researchers are registered on CIT's research and educational programmes. Furthermore, CIT operates a vibrant innovation centre which acts as a launching pad for high potential start-up businesses that are fundamentally reliant upon research. These start-up businesses provide a constant stream of opportunities for graduates and researchers who wish to engage with new technologies and realise their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Cork, one of Ireland's major cities, is noted as a centre of entrepreneurshipbusiness development and employment generation. Many international investors have established significant locations in Cork, resulting in the creation of specialist clusters in the life sciences, information technology, and agri-food sectors. Cork is the home of a vibrant information technology (IT) industry and is a significant location for EMC, IBM, VMware and Apple amongst others.

CIT offers a safe and welcoming environment to international students in addition to providing excellent educational qualifications.

Note for students from the USA: In June 2014, CIT was approved to participate in Federal Student Financial Aid Programs. (


AAS Requirements

Articulation Agreement

Please note: either Cork Institute of Technology or SPSCC can terminate the articulation agreement at any time. It is vital the student notifies CIT during the application process that the student is applying by means of this specific articulation agreement.

From the AAS in Business Administration Core Requirements category:

  • ACCT&201, Principles of Accounting I
  • BUS&101, Intro to Business
  • BUS160, Principles of Marketing
  • BUS&201, Business Law
  • BUS240, Principles of Finance
  • BUS260, Principles of Management: Diversity
  • BUS289, Integrated Business Applications
  • CIS108, Introduction to Microsoft Office
  • CIS141, Excel
  • ECON&202, Macro Economics

AND one of the following:

  • CIS210, Business Communication
  • ENGL&102, Composition II

From the AAS in Business Administration General Education Requirements:

Communication: Reading/Writing

  • ENGL&101, Composition I

Communication: Speaking/Listening

  • CMST&220, Public Speaking

Computation (both are required)

  • BUS104, Business Math
  • MATH&146, Introduction to Stats

Required course from the from the AAS in Business Administration Electives category: 

  • ACCT&202, Principles of Accounting II

AND students must take 10 credits from the following AAS in Business Administration Electives category:

  • ACCT206, General Ledger Computerized Accounting
  • ACCT239, Payroll Accounting and Business Taxes
  • BUS140, Customer Service
  • BUS202, Business Law II
  • BUS220, Starting and Managing a Small Business
  • BUS270, Human Resources Management
  • CMST105, Introduction to Online Journalism
  • CIS241, Advanced Excel
  • PHIL102, Ethics
  • PSYC116, Psychology of Human Relations: Diversity

AND students must take the following unrestricted elective courses: 

  • ACCT&203, Principles of Accounting III
  • CIS101, Keyboarding

Please note: This option requires 95 credits, rather than the standard 90-92 for the AAS in Business Administration.