The American Business School of Paris

The American Business School of Paris

[Note: This information is provided by The American Business School of Paris.]
The American Business School of Paris is strategically located alongside the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris's 10th arrondissement, an area known for its vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. The American Business School’s campus is a friendly place where students with different educational backgrounds from all over the world converge to exchange ideas, mature in an intellectual environment and become global citizens. The school’s ideal location allows professionals and students to meet conveniently, get acquainted with one another and collaborate on different projects. We also encourage students to participate in the many cultural opportunities offered by this astonishing city.

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The American Business School of Paris assists students throughout the whole process of finding accommodations. Housing solutions include shared or single, furnished or unfurnished apartments as well as home stays.

Founded in 1985, and a member of IGS University (Institut de Gestion Sociale), one of France’s most dynamic private non-profit universities since 1995, The American Business School of Paris offers degrees that are recognized the world over. Join The American Business School of Paris and “Think Big” about your education! The American Business School of Paris has a global vision when it comes to education in business and commerce. Armed with a university degree and your understanding of international business, your career opportunities are endless. The American Business School of Paris a multicultural environment that prepares you for diverse possibilities. The American Business School of Paris combines American teaching methods with valuable European perspective, including a 6-month internship and business analysis at the end of your studies, as well as seminars in career development to sharpen your professional skills.

Choose from 3 major areas of study: International Business, International Finance and International Marketing. The Bachelor of Business Administration (4-year BBA) is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) located in Olathe, Kansas, which in turn was recognized in 2011 by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The BBA program is also recognized in France through its degree certified level II by the French Ministry of Labor.*
*Titre certifié niveau II, arrêté du 27 nov.2012, J.O du 9 déc. 2012 code NSF 310m


Bachelor of Business Administration

SPSCC has an articulation agreement with The American Business School of Paris in Business Administration. To be eligible to transfer into the third-year courses of The American Business School of Paris's Bachelor of Business Administration program in International Business, International Finance or International Marketing, SPSCC students must successfully complete the Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration degree at SPSCC with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 and have successfully completed the specific classes outlined in the Articulation Agreement (see the AAS Requirements below). Note: Instruction at The American Business School of Paris is conducted entirely in English.
To learn more, see AAS in Business Administration at SPSCC.

AAS Requirements

Articulation Agreement
Please note: either The American Business School of Paris or SPSCC can terminate or modify the articulation agreement at any time. It is vital the student notifies The American Business School of Paris during the application process that the student is applying by means of this specific articulation agreement.

From the AAS in Business Administration Required Courses category:

CCS101, Pathway to Success

ACCT&201, Principles of Accounting I

BUS&101, Intro to Business

BUS160, Principles of Marketing

BUS&201, Business Law

BUS240, Principles of Finance

BUS260, Principles of Management: Diversity

BUS289, Integrated Business Applications

OFTEC108, Introduction to Microsoft Office

OFTEC141, Excel


OFTEC260 Business Communication


From the AAS in Business Administration General Education Requirements:

BUS104, Business Math

CMST&220, Public Speaking

ENGL&101, Composition I


Required courses from the from the AAS in Business Administration Recommended Electives category:

ACCT&202, Principles of Accounting II

ACCT&203, Principles of Accounting III

ECON&201, Micro Economics

ECON&202, Macro Economics

Unrestricted Electives:

CMST240, Intercultural Communication: Diversity