Information Technology Computer Support


Program Description

Coursework begins with an introduction to networking, client/server operating systems and computer hardware.  A steady progression follows to more advanced subject matter in these areas.

Information Technology Computer Support is designed for persons interested in working with end users in network environments. Duties may include software/hardware trouble shooting, installation, configuration and direct user support. This track helps to prepare the student for the A+, N+, Security+ and client MCSA certifications.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities can be found in both public and private sectors. Students who earn their AAS degree will be exposed to current tools and techniques for implementing solutions for customers in network environments. The continuing advancement of technology creates a demand for skilled technicians who can provide immediate support in these areas. Typical job titles include Network Administrator, Network Technician and Helpdesk Support/Desktop Technician.  See Information Technology » Information Technology Computer Support for more career and employment information.

Program Outcomes

At the completion of the Information Technology Computer Support Program, the successful student will be able to: 

  • Utilize applied skills with fundamental concepts to achieve design, planning, deployment and management goals where systems related technology and services are employed
  • Demonstrate clear and concise communication throughout the management hierarchy through the use of oral and written forms
  • Demonstrate an understanding of industry related mathematical concepts used to achieve results where configuration and troubleshooting of technical systems is required
  • Practice and apply appropriate legal standards and mandates reflecting the most current laws and regulations in regard to technical system support
  • Demonstrate the ability to participate in diverse team environments while engaged in technical projects

In addition, students who complete the program will demonstrate the following skills standards specific to information technology computer support:

  • Install, configure and maintain client hardware and software
  • Effectively troubleshoot hardware and software in “end user” environments
  • Maintain and monitor customer service at helpdesk tier level one

Certificate Options

A Computer Support I Certificate of Proficiency will be awarded upon successful completion of all required courses listed in the certificate section of this guide.


After completing initial enrollment counseling at South Puget Sound Community College it is important to contact a program advisor as soon as possible.  (See Advisors information)

Additional Program Information

Educational Plan

Information Technology Computer Support

Associate in Applied Science Degree 
91-93 credits

1st Quarter Fall

CNA100 Introduction to Networking 5 Credits Search Schedule
Introduces foundational concepts designed to prepare the student for more advanced networking concepts. Students will be introduced to terms and technologies commonly seen in a computer network. Prerequisite: Eligible for MATH 090 and ENGL 090.
CNA112 PC Workstation Technical Support 5 Credits Search Schedule
Provides instruction on complete tear down and reassembly of PC Workstations including software configuration and troubleshooting of common hardware installation issues. Prerequisite: Eligible for MATH 090 and ENGL 090.
CNA113 PC Operating Systems 3 Credits Search Schedule
Introduces PC operating systems with an emphasis on support user software, operating systems, basic networking concepts, troubleshooting, and diagnostics. Prerequisite: Eligible for MATH 090 and ENGL 090.

2nd Quarter Winter

CNA101 Cisco I 5 Credits Search Schedule
The first of four courses leading to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) designation. Introduces Cisco Networking Academy Program students to entry-level concepts in the networking field. Prerequisite: CNA 100 or instructor's permission.
CNA120 Command Line Interface 5 Credits Search Schedule
Introduces the use of the Windows command line and PowerShell interfaces to manage and manipulate Windows Operating systems. Prerequisite: Eligible for MATH 090 and ENGL 090.
CNA130 Introduction to Linux/Unix 5 Credits Search Schedule
Introduces Linux operating systems from the perspective of a new user. Covers how to install, maintain, and configure a Linux Operating System. Explores the shell interface, utilities, and basic characteristics of the operating system. Prerequisite: Eligible for MATH 090 and ENGL 090.

3rd Quarter Spring

CNA121 Microsoft Workstation 5 Credits Search Schedule
A technical introduction to the Microsoft Windows Client operating system and Microsoft Client-Server networks. Includes Client installation, configuration, troubleshooting, creating user and group accounts, designing a user environment, sharing folders, securing access to network resources, and providing network services. Preparation for the Microsoft Certificate Exam. Students enrolling in this course should have familiarity with Microsoft Windows operating systems. Prerequisite: CNA 113 or instructor's permission.
CNA122 Microsoft Server 5 Credits Search Schedule
A technical introduction to the Microsoft Windows server operating system and Microsoft Client-Server networks. Includes implementation of a core Windows Server Infrastructure into an existing enterprise environment by installing and configuring Active Directory, networking and other core services. Prerequisite: CNA 120 or instructor's permission.
BUS140 Customer Service 5 Credits Search Schedule
Focuses on creating and maintaining positive customer relations. Emphasizes the importance of developing a service-oriented organization whose practices foster customer retention and loyalty. Develops skills in problem-solving, communication both oral and written, critical thinking and decision-making in order to identify and respond to customer needs. Prerequisite: Eligible for ENGL& 101.

4th Quarter Summer

CNA125 IT Soft Skills 3 Credits Search Schedule
Emphasizes User Centered Design and introduces human behavior utilizing the DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance) assessment model as it relates to the information technology environment. Prerequisite: None.
CNA150 Cisco II 5 Credits Search Schedule
The second of four courses leading to the Cisco CCNA certification. Participants will receive intermediate level instruction covering routing, switching and design theory for SOHO networks. Prerequisite: CNA 101.
​Choose from the General Education Requirements

5th Quarter Fall

CNA210 Introduction to Network Security 5 Credits Search Schedule
Introduction to securing network resources. Evaluation of network security from a global perspective. Incorporates media security, network vulnerabilities and authentication protocols. Basic cryptography, operating system security and Internet security practices. Preparation for the CompTIA Security+ Exam. Prerequisite: CNA 101 and either CNA 121 or CNA 122.

6th Quarter Winter

CNA221 Windows Server Administration 5 Credits Search Schedule
A detailed examination of the tasks required to deploy and maintain a Windows Server infrastructure in an enterprise environment. Incorporates IP addressing, automatic IP addressing (DHCP). Remote Access and Routing Services (RRAS), Network Address Translation (NAT), and Name Resolution (DNS and WINS). Includes troubleshooting and an added emphasis on planning services. Requires a strong understanding of the Windows client and Server operating systems. Prerequisite: CNA 122 or instructor's permission.
CNA 290 Cooperative Work Experience/Internships 3 Credits

7th Quarter Spring

CNA170 Introduction to Wireless 3 Credits Search Schedule
Design, planning, implementation, operation, and troubleshooting of Wireless LANs. A comprehensive overview of technologies, security, and design best practices with particular emphasis on hands-on skills. Prerequisite: CNA 101 or instructor's permission.
CNA225 Microsoft SharePoint 3 Credits Search Schedule
Introduces SharePoint to beginning and intermediate-level computer users. Prerequisite: CNA 122.
CNA296 Managing Network Environments 3 Credits Search Schedule
Focuses on Global Network design and implementation. Includes configuration, installation, and user support of Microsoft and Cisco network systems. Prerequisite: CNA 210 and CNA 221 and CNA 252.

General Education Requirements


ENGL&101 English Composition I 5 Credits Search Schedule
Develops writing skills by focusing on strategies and techniques writers use to convey ideas, evaluate information, make a point, and participate in multiple discourse communities. Emphasizes both the process and the product of writing. This course was formerly known as WRIT 101, College Writing I. Prerequisite: Appropriate placement test scores OR appropriate completion of ENGL 095, ENGL 095X, or ENGL 098 OR concurrent enrollment in ENGL 110 with instructor's permission.

Additional Communication:
Choose one of the following:
ENGL&235 Technical Writing 5 Credits Search Schedule
The study of effective technical and professional communication. Development of skills in proposal writing, technical report writing, business correspondence, oral presentations, online communication, group problem solving, professional portfolio development and basic research techniques. This course was formerly known as TCOM 106, Technical and Professional Communication. Prerequisite: ENGL& 101 (formerly WRIT 101). Word processing skills recommended.
OFTEC260 Business Communication 5 Credits Search Schedule
Principles of effective communication in business emphasizing the human relations factor, through correspondence, report writing, and an oral presentation. OFTEC 160 (formerly CIS 106) recommended. This course was formerly known as CIS 210. Prerequisite: Completion of ENGL& 101.

MATH101 Technical Mathematics I 5 Credits Search Schedule
Theory and applications of mathematics used in technical fields with emphasis on problem solving strategies, measurement, algebra, geometry, unit conversions and the metric system. Prerequisite: MATH 094 with a minimum grade of "C" or MATH 097 (formerly MATH 098) with a minimum grade of "C" or appropriate placement test score.

Human Relations
Choose 3-5 credits

DIVERSITY REQUIREMENT: South Puget Sound Community College requires all new students as of summer 2005 seeking an Associate Degree to complete a “diversity” course which meets the college criteria for listing as a diversity course and has been approved for such listing by the college Instructional Council prior to the student enrolling in the class.

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