Associate in Music - DTA/MRP

Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program

Credits: 105  |   Length of Program: 6 quarters

Subject: Music

Associate in Music - Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA/MRP)

The Associate in Music is designed for persons interested in transferring to a four-year college or university music program. Students who successfully complete degree requirements and elective courses recommended for music will be able to transfer to most four-year degree programs with junior standing. Important: Completion of the Associate in Music does not guarantee admission into a four-year degree program, only that the credits will transfer if and when one is admitted into the music program at a participating institution. It is imperative that students make early contact with their potential transfer institutions about specific requirements for overall GPA, possible higher GPA requirements in a selected subset of courses, audition requirements, theory/ear training diagnostic exams, and piano proficiency exams.

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Cost of Program / Financial Aid

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Program Student Learning Outcomes

General education introduces students to the content and methodology of the major areas of knowledge – communication, the humanities and fine arts, the natural sciences, mathematics and the social sciences – and helps them develop the intellectual skills that will make them more effective life-long learners. The College’s general education program intended to meet the transfer requirements of the four-year colleges and universities as outlined in the Intercollegiate Relations Commission Handbook. South Puget Sound Community College prepares recipients of the Associate in Music degree to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Think logically and critically
  • Evaluate and process quantitative and symbolic data
  • Understand themselves in relation to others in a multicultural world
  • Understand ethical responsibilities and consequences


Ed Plan / Class List
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May 14, 2020