Leadership Skills - Parenting Education Program

Certificate of Achievement

Credits: 21  |   Length of Program: 1-9 quarters

Subject: Parent Education

Parenting Education Program - Leadership Skills - Certificate of Achievement

Students earning 21 credits in Parenting Education courses at SPSCC who have demonstrated leadership skills in addition to effective parenting skills through participation in co-op preschool parenting education courses are eligible for a Leadership Skill certificate.  

These courses provide approved training for parents (or parent figures) and enhance individual skills in child development, family relationships, and related topics leading to effective parenting. Participants are involved in observation and classroom experiences that include laboratory sessions.

These courses and certificates prepare students to be effective parents for children in their care. Some skills may transfer to the work force. For those students that elect to continue a program of study, some of the completed course credits may also be applied toward certificates or degrees in a related program area.

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Length of Program

Certificate completion is contingent upon number of credits earned per quarter. Students can enroll any quarter and can attend either part or full-time.

Admission Requirements

Students are accepted into the Parent Education Program every quarter.  

Students enrolling in the PEP cooperative preschools must register online each quarter.  

Eastside Co-op (360) 754-3938
Lacey Parent Co-op (360) 459-5297
Steamboat Island Co-op (360) 866-1819
Westside Co-op (360) 866-7383

Application Process / How to Apply

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Program Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the Parenting Education Program, the successful student will be able to:

  • Implement healthy, safe practices for young children
  • Explain and apply early childhood development and developmentally appropriate practices/environments for young children within a context of social and cultural influences
  • Apply strategies for working with children, within a culturally relevant, anti-bias approach in order to promote social-emotional competence
  • Determine and utilize appropriate resources for family support, within a social, cultural and anti-bias framework
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how children learn symbolically through play  
Ed Plan / Class List
Additional Information

The Certificate of Achievement represent participation between parent(s)/care giver and age-appropriate child(ren) in parent education courses or co-ops.  It is comprised of industry-based skill courses. No general education courses and no minimum level of English or math are required.

Revision Date: 
May 1, 2020