Parenting Skills Certificate

Social Services & Education Pathway

9 Credits   |   4 Quarters

Pathway at a Glance

You're passionate about improving others' lives—whether you're educating young minds, helping others get in shape, or observing human interaction, you can begin making a difference with our Social Services and Education Pathway.



Courses by Quarter
Quarter Plan: 
Program Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the Parenting Education Program, the successful student will be able to:

  • Implement healthy, safe practices for young children
  • Explain and apply early childhood development and developmentally appropriate practices/environments for young children within a context of social and cultural influences
  • Apply strategies for working with children, within a culturally relevant, anti-bias approach in order to promote social-emotional competence
  • Determine and utilize appropriate resources for family support, within a social, cultural and anti-bias framework
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how children learn symbolically through play  
Helpful Notes

Students enrolling in the PEP cooperative preschools must register online each quarter. 

Eastside Co-op (360) 754-3938
Lacey Parent Co-op (360) 459-5297
Steamboat Island Co-op (360) 866-1819
Westside Co-op (360) 866-7383

About the Certificate

The Certificate of Achievement represent participation between parent(s)/care giver and age-appropriate child(ren) in parent education courses or co-ops. It is comprised of industry-based skill courses. No general education courses and no minimum level of English or math are required.

Revision Date: 
Monday, April 25, 2022