Study Abroad Program Application

See Apply for Study Abroad for application requirements and Short-Term Study Abroad Programs for application deadline dates and information about travel dates, fees, accommodations, etc.

Enter the Quarter and Year you begin college.
Enter the Quarter and Year you complete college.
Include dates of attendance and GPA.
Please upload a file containing your 1-page essay that includes the reasons you would like to study abroad and what you hope to gain from this experience.
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Please upload a file of your unofficial transcript.
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Please enter the name and SPSCC email address of a faculty member who would recommend you for the Study Abroad program. (Please let your faculty know they will receive an email requesting a recommendation.)
Please check all that apply to you or that you have completed.
I understand that I am applying for an academic, credit-bearing college program. I certify that the above information is correct and complete. I understand that should I be accepted to an SPSCC sponsored study abroad program or exchange, I am subject to the SPSCC Student Code of Conduct while abroad and the conduct rules of the program or host institution that I am attending.
I understand and agree to the terms in the Release of Liability.