Transfer Degrees

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Transfer to 4-year colleges

Is your goal to earn a bachelor's degree (or beyond)? Our Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degrees allow you to complete your first 90 credits at SPSCC and then transfer to a 4-year school in Washington as a college junior!


DTAs are a convenient and affordable way to pay for college and earn a bachelor's degree!

Imagine yourself at one of Washington's state colleges and universities:

  • The Evergreen State College
  • University of Washington
  • University of Washington-Tacoma
  • Washington State University
  • Western Washington University
  • Central Washington University
  • Eastern Washington University

Most private schools in Washington State and many public colleges out-of-state will also accept a DTA degree.

Where are SPSCC grads going?


Already have a college in mind? See where our graduates go after they earn their DTA at SPSCC (based on 415 DTA graduates who transferred in 2015-16):

  • 16% University of Washington
  • 14% The Evergreen State College
  • 10% Saint Martin’s University
  • 8% Washington State University
  • 7% Central Washington University
  • 4% Eastern Washington University
  • 3% Western Governor’s University
  • 2% Pacific Lutheran University
  • 1% Seattle University
  • 6% Other WA Public Institutions
  • 11% Out of State Public Institutions
  • 12% Other Private Institutions

Direct Transfer degrees at SPSCC

About the statewide Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA)

Statewide, DTA degrees provide students:

  • Priority consideration in the admissions for most humanities and social science majors at public universities ahead of students without a degree.
  • Completion of lower division general education requirements.
  • Credit for all courses completed within the DTA up to and in some cases beyond 90 credits.
  • Opportunity to explore several fields of study through the category of up to 30 credits of elective courses.
  • Opportunity to complete prerequisites for a future major.

Important considerations

In some cases, a DTA degree along with minimum GPA requirements does guarantee entry to 4-year program. This is not guaranteed across all degrees, programs, and schools. Speak with a transfer specialist at SPSCC and the 4-year school you wish to attend for unique requirements.

Students must complete all DTA degree requirements and earn their associate degree in order for all classes to transfer to 4-year school. If a student wishes to transfer before the DTA is earned, 4-year schools may evaluate a transcript course-by-course.

Major Related Program (MRP)

Major Related Programs (MRP) have special and more specific requirements that must be taken in the first two years in order to progress on time.

Associate in Science – Transfer (AS-T)

If you’re a science major, you will need to take more science in your first two years and defer some other general education requirements until after you transfer.

Associate in Applied Science (AAS-T)

This degree will transfer to only a very limited set of bachelor's degree programs, including some applied degrees at community colleges or to “upside-down” programs at a few 4-year colleges.

Need help planning to transfer?