Play a part in the creation of the most memorable stories in the arts. Become an actor and build a direct and lively relationship with the audience through live performance, or work behind the scenes as a producer, director, or designer. Studies in Drama emphasize key transferable skills such as leadership, collaboration, and self-expression that strengthen job prospects in many other fields.

At SPSCC you will have opportunities to work onstage and behind the scenes that may not be available at larger schools. We perform dramatic works each quarter that bring in students and community members as actors and stage crew, presenting a unique opportunity to hone analytical skills, practice creative collaboration, and make a positive impact on the community through the arts.

What’s Different at SPSCC?

Perform for the community. Each year, our theatre program puts on a variety of plays in the Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts. Hosting both a Black Box Theater and Main Stage, you can play a part in several productions, be they traditional classics or edgier plays and musicals, all with spaces and equipment that represent current industry standards.

Meet distinguished artists. Our Artist & Lecture Series brings scholars, outspoken activists, and passionate artists to speak and perform on campus each year.

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