Artstravaganza is coming to the South Puget Sound Community College on Saturday, March 19. The arts and crafts fair will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the college’s Lacey campus.

The event will feature approximately 20 vendors from the community each with unique arts and crafts. Booths will line the hallways of the campus to help create a street-fair style atmosphere. The event is being put on by SPSCC with support from the Thurston County Economic Development Council.

The fair is the culminating event of the Art Entrepreneurship Series that debuted this year at the SPSCC Lacey Campus through the Continuing Education Program and the EDC. The goal of the series is to provide independent artists in the community with the skills and information needed to run a small business. Artists who participate in the series will then be able to determine whether they prefer to turn their art into a full-time effort, or have it as a side business.

The event is free to attend.

ArtStravaganza Vendors

Jeff Pasek

Jeff Pasek grew up the son of a painter in Ohio. He earned his BA in Philosophy and later studied Graphic Design, working in that field for 10 years. Following a dream to focus exclusively on fine art, he returned to school and earned his MFA in Painting from Kent State in 2013. He is now teaching art and seeking to find further success as a fine artist in Washington.

Jeff is also one of the graduates of the Art Entrepreneurship program at SPSCC.


Melinda Holman, mHolmanarts

Melinda Holman is a retired psychotherapist who turned to the visual image to show us hidden truths.  Her sharp eye and keen aesthetic sense reveal beauty and magic in the world we all inhabit but often don't notice. Whether the inside of an iris as the bee might perceive it or a beach scene that reads like a novella, there is always something insightful, startling or simply poetic in her work.


Jessica Wachtman, Mixed Media Mashups

A Fashion Designer turned Technical Writer, Jessica utilizes her unique skill set as a teacher of mixed media art. Her art will speak to your heart and her classes make your soul happy. Mixed Media Mashups are full of raw emotions, honest expressions and authentically fun experiences.


Judy Chapman

Judy Chapman received her BA in Art Education from the University of Northern Colorado in 1979 and has 10 years’ experience teaching high school art.  Judy finds her passion in drawing sacred geometry patterns and creating sacred geometry constructions using the basic tools of the geometer; the compass, pencil and straightedge.  Finished works are completed in colored pencil, water colors or artist’s markers with some mixed media pieces. 

Judy is also one of the graduates of the Art Entrepreneurship program at SPSCC.


Scott Kattenbraker, Kattenbraker Art

Scott Kattenbraker currently lives and works in Olympia, WA and for the last 15 years has primarily exhibited at juried art festivals, galleries and collections across the US.  Much of his inspiration comes from outsider and contemporary folk art as well as the hundreds of artists met along the road.  Changing mediums and styles has always been a constant for Scott's creative process.


Dr. Paul Randall, Watercolors by Randall

Dr. Paul Randall is a retired chiropractor who paints and teaches watercolor painting.   Dr. Randall studied art at Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, Washington in the late 60's.  He once again took up studying watercolor painting in the 80's and was eventually offered the position of teacher at SPSCC.  His paintings have been made available to the public through word of mouth sales and through local fund raising auctions.


Shannon Reagan, Wyndwolf Puppets

Shannon L Reagan is a writer, playwright, puppet artist and costumer. She thrives on giving characters and stories life. This love has been furthered by the support she receives from Clockwork Dragon, a small press of independent authors. She was born in California, but found her art grows best in the lush Northwest where Shannon now frequents events with her puppets and a stack of books.


Natasha Hays, Bits and Pieces

Natasha Hays is a pediatrician who has recently moved to the Olympia area.  She became interested in mosaic after a trip to Florence many years ago.  She began nuno felting more recently after being entranced with the process of hand painting silk and melding it with wool. Combinations of beautiful colors is what she is known for.  Nature is an important inspiration.



Melonie and Howell Godfrey, Shore Street Custom T's

At Shore Street Custom Ts we make custom designed t-shirts for adults and children made to order. Our guest are able to tell us exactly what they want on their shirts. When thoughts and ideas, together, we help create a digital design that is exactly what the guest wants. We then put in a shirt, bringing the vision to life.


Pamela Davis, MuchoDesign

Pamela Davis is a jeweler and ceramic artist in the Olympia area. She has been involved in the Pacific Northwest maker community for the last decade and has recently started teaching ceramics classes at Arbutus Folk School. She holds a BA in studio arts from The Evergreen State College.


Ann Ryherd, Ann Ryherd Art

Ann Ryherd is an Olympia artist who works primarily with watercolors.  She took up watercolor painting after taking an Introduction to Watercolor class at South Puget Sound Community College in 2010.  As she says, “I fell in love with watercolor and the happy accidents that often occur with this exciting medium.”   Recently, she began experimenting with pastels.  She has shown her work at State of the Arts Gallery and at ArtsWalk. 

Unfortunately, Ann will not be able to attend ArtStravaganza.  If you would like to contact her about purchasing her work, her website can be found at


Daniel G. Bernstein, DB-Designs

Daniel G. Bernstein creates fine art, landscape, macro, nature, and pet/animal photography. Daniel came to the Pacific Northwest for the first time in April 1986, on a 5-day camping trip in the mountains that took him from Seattle to Portland and then a different route back to Seattle. Needless to say, this New York born/Texas raised young man fell in love with the Pacific NW area.


Phyllis Cole, WhimsiCole Art

Phyllis Cole began pursing art seriously after the passing of her husband.  Having spent hours at his bedside with her art journal, she found art to be therapuetic and healing.  As an artist, she gravitates towards bright colors and lots of textures and layers, working in mixed media: acrylics, inks, pastels, and gelli print.  Her business is named WhimsiCole Art because she wants her work to make you smile as much as it makes her smile.


Rosalind Philips, Rosalind Philips Photography

Rosalind Philips, photographer, has pursued her love of the outdoors through photography.  Photography was a family activity. Many days were spent learning how to capture the magic of family vacations with the camera. Rosalind began to focus on birds during her teens and has become an avid birdwatcher. Her work has been published in the coffee table book, Artists of the West.


Laney Clark, Silentgoddess Art Jewelry

Olympia artist, Laney Clark, spends her days with a torch in one hand and a hammer in the other creating small works of art.  Hand drawn trees, singing birds, and flower blossom pendants paired with gemstones rings and hand forged earrings all meant to be worn. Far from just "jewelry" each piece is created with a vision of becoming a little piece of artwork to wear.


Christine Malek, Vidaliah Crafts

Vidaliah Crafts is an Olympian business that specializes in stuffed creatures from recycled clothing. We have been providing the South Sound area with quality, handmade, quirky critters for over 5 years. They can be found at both Co-op locations and at Gallery Boom in Tumwater.


Carol Van Nuys

Assemblage artist Carol Van Nuys is an artistic recycler.  She draws inspiration for her Story Boxes in the small objects and assorted materials which capture her attention at flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales.  Each Story Box evokes memories according to the art patron's life experiences.  Vintage themes bring gentle reminders of a life well lived, while the whimsical ones capture colorful expressions of life in full swing.

Carol is also one of the graduates of the Art Entrepreneurship program at SPSCC.


Gay Hoffman

Gay Marie Hoffman  is an award winning portrait artist who has worked extensively in soft pastels. She has created privately commissioned portraits as well as public building dedication portraits in the Photo-Realistic style. Her goal is to make each portrait a realistic likeness representing the character of the subject that is also a beautiful work of art. Gay currently teaches pastels for the SPSCC continuing education program.


Maureen Morris, M L Morris Arts

Maureen Morris started working with clay in classes at South Puget Sound Community College.  She takes inspiration from Japanese folk pottery.  Her pieces are utilitarian, intended for everyday use in the home.


Brita Sveen, Bee's Art Hive

My art brings me such joy that I spend every free moment huddled over my projects; often working into the wee hours of the night. I find inspiration in every experience. That's what drives me to make each creation unique and interesting. I often say, "You may absolutely love my work or completely hate it. Either is fine, as long as it makes you feel something! Art should always stir emotion".

Brita is also one of the graduates of the Art Entrepreneurship program at SPSCC.


Sacreah Becerra, Inspiráh

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sacreah Becerra could be found drawing and coloring for hours as a child. From a young age, she loved shapes, colors, and pictures. Sacreah draws her creative inspiration from nature, cultural influences, personal growth, and her passion for art, design, and self-expression. Her aspiration is to inspire and empower women with visual imagery, uplifting words, and creative self-expression workshops. In the Fall of 2014, Sacreah opened her online store, Inspiráh.


Judy Lee, JudyLeeMosaics

Judy Lee’s original fused glass and mosaic jewelry is exhibited in Mexico and the United States.  The dimensional compositions are influenced by Mother Nature and techniques unique to mosaics.  Her ceramic compositions are individually hand crafted and glazed for use in mosaic construction.  She has taught mosaic art in Houston and Los Cabos Mexico.


For more information, contact Program Manager for Continuing Education Stephen Rousseau at (360) 709-2010.


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