Welcome to Winter Quarter!

Welcome back! If you haven't heard already, migrating your student email account from "" to "" is super important! If it isn't done by the end of January 12th you will lose your existing print credit, and you'll lose all your files if it isn't done by the end of the quarter! The IT Help Desk in Building 25 is the place to go if you need any help with this process!


If you missed it over break, check out this awesome video of the Dance Club's Holiday Flash Mob!




Important Dates - Winter 2018

Wednesday, January 3rd

  • Online registration services turns off at 9:00 pm

Thursday, January 4th

  • All transactions must be done either in-person at the One-Stop at the Olympia Campus (Building 22) or the Lacey Campus (Building 1) or by having students email Enrollment Services ( from their SPSCC email account.


SPSCC Student Email Reminder

Any students who are still using a email account need to migrate to by January 12th. After that date, accounts will no longer be supported on the print server and they will not be able to print on campus. Most students will be able to make the change by going to - it only takes a minute or two to complete the process.


Symposium on Int'l Faculty-Led Programs: Registration & Faculty Award Nominations

 Symposium on Int'l Faculty-Led Programs: Registration & Faculty Award Nominations



Join us for the 2018 Symposium on International Faculty-Led Programs <>, which will be held on Friday, April 13, 2018, at the University Hotel & Conference Center in Portland, Oregon.


Please click here to register <>.



Checking Grades

We're coming to the end of the quarter (quickly!), and if you're checking your grades in Canvas here's something you need to check. You can show you grade either based on just the assignments you've completed OR on all of the assignments for the class. If you're wondering about your grade, your grade in my classes is based on all assignments for the class, whether you've completed them or not.

To make sure you get an accurate reading of your grade, while viewing the grades for a class select Treat ungraded as 0.


Vote for tacocat!

Good Afternoon Everybody!

Don't forget to log on to Yammer and vote for your favorite palindrome costume, tacocat! All you have to do is like my photo. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners get coffee cards!

Please appreciate my creativity so I don't feel so ridiculous.


Also, I drink way too much coffee and my budget hates me for it.


Design and Pedagogy for Transformative Intercultural Learning

I recently came across this blog with an excerpt on how to develop intercultural learning objectives from a chapter in the book Learning Across Cultures: Locally and Globally, edited by Barbara Kappler Mikk and Inge Steglitz. The chapter is titled "Design and Pedagogy for Transforative Intercultural Learning" and the blog can be found at . The book can be purchased in the bookstore on NAFSA's website at


The Food Pantry is Open!

Some of you may have heard the rumblings around campus...we now have our very own food pantry!

The Food Pantry opened on October 17th and is available to students every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon that the main campus is open. It's located in the Student Union Building (Bulding 27) near the bookstore. 

See what Kate Armstrong has to say:

SPSCC Food Pantry

More information about the SPSCC Food Pantry can be found here!



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