Sole Source Contract Transparency

It is the intent of the State of Washington to promote open competition and transparency for all contracts for goods and services. South Puget Sound Community College has concluded, however, that a non-exempt sole source contract over $10,000 is justified and necessary.

Pursuant to RCW 39.26.140 effective January 1, 2013, and related policies published by the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services, the College hereby posts the following information for the required minimum ten (10) day period prior to the intended contract start date.

Titles of proposed contracts in this category will be posted for the dates indicated below, as well as on the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services.

Contract Title Prospective Vendor Value Purpose & Scope Posting Date
C180072 Jillian Lamont & Associates $45,000 South Puget Sound Community College contemplates awarding a sole source contract to Jillian Lamont & Associates, Inc. from April 20, 2018 to December 31, 2018 to complete a system replacement/upgrade for the SPSCC Corporate and Continuing Education TRAIN Database. SPSCC Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) has expanded their business since the original database was created by Jillian Lamont. TRAIN is a custom built database that was built over twenty years ago to capture and track data for partnered enrollments with Department of Enterprise Services. 4/09/18

During the posting period, vendors seeking information on a sole source contract listed above may contact the South Puget Sound Community College Purchasing Manager.

After thoroughly examining the data provided, vendors who believe they can demonstrate capability to meet the State's requirements must send complete submittals within the 10-day posting period, i.e., by 5:00 pm of the closing date shown for the respective contract opportunity. In the absence of other qualified sources, it is the State's intent to make a sole source award.