Accounting is the basic language of business, and a career that opens a wide variety of doors in the business world. Accounting students study the rules and software at play in the world of business, using effective communication skills to break down complex issues for their clients and managers so that they can make good business decisions.

The increased globalization of businesses makes the varied skillset of an Accounting professional in high demand across a wide variety of industries and settings.

What’s Different at SPSCC?

Flexible classes. Many students want to advance their full-time careers, but struggle to fit college into their busy schedule. At SPSCC, you’ll find several accounting courses available online or during evenings. Obtain the education you desire without halting your professional advancement.

Worker Retraining funds. Some students qualify for Worker Retraining, which helps pay for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and more. Learn if you qualify for Worker Retraining >.

Careers in Accounting

Check out Career Coach to discover careers related to your interests in this subject. Learn more about what you'll do in the industry, how much you can earn, and view job postings in and around Thurston County.

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