Campus Hubs

Our campus has a wide variety of resources within walking distance. Explore the Olymmpia Campus with virtual tours. Dine at the Clipper Café or Percival Restaurant. Utilize the campus Food Pantry, a student leadership project to help students in need. Break a sweat at the Gym during open hours and learn more about the new Health & Wellness Center.

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Grab Some Grub

  • Clipper Café
  • Percival Restaurant
  • Food Pantry
  • Bookstore
  • Students have several options for food: from fine dining in the Percival Restaurant to Bookstore snacks, Clipper Café cafeteria style lunch and bakery treats, even donated food items from the SPSCC Food Pantry for students in need.

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Discover Cool Hangouts

Relax, contemplate, study, or just connect with others at many popular spots on campus.

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Get Fit

  • Health & Wellness Center
  • Clipper Athletics
  • Take advantage of the free use of the Gym, Cardio Room and Weight Room during open hours for faculty, students, and staff. Or try out for a Clipper Athletics team!

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Find Friendly Places

We have something for everyone: Visit our counseling center, tutoring centers, diversity center, and veterans center.