Parking & Transportation


Parking at SPSCC can be tricky.

Find out what works.

Campus parking lot

Campus Parking

Parking is free.

Parking permits are not required for general parking. There are eight defined parking lots at the Olympia Campus, and one large open lot at Lacey Campus. It's recommended to come to campus at least 30 minutes before class to find parking. Park in legal spaces (between white lines), not on grassy areas, along curbs or roadways.

Carpool Parking

Ride with a friend and use the carpool lot.
Carpools are two or more vehicle occupants who enter campus together. No special permit is required. Lot L at the Olympia Campus has 60 carpool spaces during peak class hours, Monday-Thursday, 7-11 am.

Disability Parking

Disabled Parking (DP) areas are noted on campus maps. There are 42 signed DP spaces on the Olympia Campus and 9 at the Lacey Campus. Areas striped between spaces are designed to accommodate users of motorized wheelchairs. This space is not open for general parking. Use of a DP space is only authorized for persons with a current placard or license plate that has been assigned to the user. Unauthorized use of a space may result in a $250 fine. State policies regarding use of a placard can be found at the Department of Licensing.

Motorcycle, Visitor & Special Permit Parking
  • Motorcycles: Lots A, E, H, J, and L have stalls set aside for motorcycles only.
  • Visitor parking: Lot J has spaces assigned for short-term, 90-minute parking.
  • Special parking permits: Signed parking spaces, such as dental patient parking and Percival Restaurant guest parking, require a special permit for use.
Parking Tickets

Parking Fines: All vehicles must park in legal spaces, between white lines. Vehicles parked along curbs, roadways, on grass, in loading zones, striped areas, fire lanes, reserved spaces, or over stall lines, are subject to a $20 fine. Unauthorized Disabled Parking (DP) use is subject to a $250 fine.

Ticket Payments: Parking citations may be paid in person at the One Stop, Bldg. 22, 2nd Floor, during normal business hours, or by phone to the Business Office, 360-596-5246, during normal business hours.

Ticket Appeals: Parking citations may be appealed by completing the Citation Appeal Form, also available in the Security Office lobby, Bldg. 25, Rm. 117. Submit completed forms to the Security Office or email to Only completed forms with name, address, email, phone, and signature will be accepted. Appeal decisions will be completed within 20 days of receipt, and you will be notified by email, phone, or letter.

More Info

For more information about parking on campus, contact:
Building 25, Room 117

Students at bus stop


Parking alternative: Avoid the hassle — take the bus!

Ride Intercity Transit for free.

Bus Routes & Transit Options
  • Intercity Bus Routes: Intercity Transit buses run regularly to SPSCC from across Thurston County. The Intercity Transit website hosts Trip Planner and Route Finder tools that will show you the best Bus Routes and schedules to take from your starting destination to SPSCC. Google Maps will also show you bus routes. Or, call Intercity Transit Customer Service, 360-786-1881, and ask for help to find the best route.
  • Bus Routes & Times: Catch a bus near you, or park and take the bus. These route maps will show you routes and times for buses to/from SPSCC:
  • Park & Ride: Park off campus and take the bus to SPSCC. There is often parking along the Deschutes Parkway and at the Capital Mall. Or, you can park at one of many Park & Ride Lots along I-5 and Highway 101. Here are a few:
  • Vanpool: Intercity Transit also operates a Vanpool Program and are waiving the cost of vanpooling in November and December if you sign up for a vanpool this fall.  See Intercity Vanpool for the No-Cost November promotion.
  • Transport your bike: Intercity Transit buses have bike racks (currently 2-bike maximum), so you can transport your bike to campus and incorporate biking into your commute. 
  • Download Transit App:  Download a transit APP.  APPs that track the bus in real-time include OneBusAway and Transit. You can download these for free. (Intercity Transit does not own or operate these APPs and says they are good tools, but not perfect. The GPS tracking systems sometimes have glitches that don’t accurately track the location of the buses in real time, but they work most of the time for many people.)
Alternative Transportation

SPSCC is committed to encouraging the use of alternative modes of transportation for commuting to campus. Use the links below to learn more about commuting options.

Commute Trip Reduction requirements:
For vanpool and carpool:
For bus route information:
For bus arrival time:
For bicycle routes

For alternative commuting questions contact the Program Coordinator, 360-596-5299

More Info

If you have questions about riding the bus, contact Customer Service at Intercity Transit, 360-786-1881.