Gym & Recreation Facilities

Facility Hours

The Main Gym, Cardio Room and Weight Room are open for the use of faculty, students, and staff during open hours, which may vary quarterly. Please remember to carry your ID card with you when using the facility.

Faculty and Staff: Faculty and staff will be allowed to utilize the facilities during the week and when staff and/or practice is occurring in the main gym. Gym and cardio room may be used when alone; for safety reasons, there must be two or more people in the weight room at all times. Faculty and staff are not allowed to use the facilities after business hours or on the weekends.

SPSCC students: Students are only allowed to utilize the facility during posted "open facility" hours. Hours are posted around campus and in Building 31. To use the gym after hours, at least 24 hours notice must be provided and a faculty/staff member must be onsite to provide supervision.

If you have any questions, please contact Vernell Willingham, Director of Athletics, at

Clipper Intramurals

For information about Intramural sports, email

Steps to Renting a Locker

  • Pay $5 at the One-Stop in Building 22 for the quarter long rental. Please note the rental is only for the quarter and you must pay an additional $5 for each additional quarter you require a locker.
  • Pick out your locker in the appropriate locker room in Building 31 (Gym). If you require a gender neutral space, please contact either the Director of Athletics (offices located in Building 31).
  • Go to Building 31 to speak to the Director of Athletics to find out if that locker is available. If it is, they’ll provide you with the appropriate combination.  Please note that their hours vary however are generally in the office after 12 noon most days.
  • Contact Athletics, 360-596-5469,, with any other questions.