Safe Zones

Safe Zones provide a safe space or refuge where campus community members can turn when their safety is immediately threatened, and/or they are experiencing bigotry of any kind.

Becoming a Safe Zone participant is voluntary and requires a serious commitment. The absence of a Safe Zone sign does not mean that an individual is “unsafe” but rather that circumstances have prevented them from committing to the formal Safe Zone Program.

Current Safe Zones

Safe Zone Locations
Name Building-Room Location
Adair, Marilyn 34-216
Allen, Terri 25-117
Bean, Jill 22-168
Berg, Marcelle 34-221
Berney, Jennifer 21-291B
Bubemyre, Gloria 27-200
Byrd, Kathleen 21-291D
Chapman, Norm 16-107
Chapman, Patrick 23-205
Chen, James 35-258
Clukey, Colleen 22-263
Cook, Arlene 25-117
Cumberland, Beth 34-213
Dahlen, Richard 22-111
Dewees, Toni 20-200
Dignan, Lynn 25-204
Dixon, Erica 20-208
Dorn, Christopher 22-107
Dutton, Chris 35-363
Ensminger, Charlie 22-273
Green, Rebecca 22-212
Heist, Jillian 34-214
Heuer, Mychael 25-130
Hogan, Carol 23-107
Hong, Gloria 22-232
Johnson, Nancy Bldg 14
Kelly-Glasoe, Anne 21-150A
Machado, Yolanda 22-262
Managhan, Aaron 25-205
Manley, Jennifer 27-208
Murrow, Sally 22-Ste 250, Rm 253
Rajcich, John 22-273
Rendon, Liza 23-111
Schneider, James 20-304, 22-183
Shailor, Robert 25-117
Sharbaugh, Sally 22-264
Soto, Samantha 25-204
Stiles, Jolene 34-217
Summers, Rita 34-218
Sundby-Thorpe, Valerie 23-128
Swingle, Rebecca 34-207
Taggesell, Patrick 21-292B
Tavis, Sarah 21-256
Tuia, Jennifer 23-227
Williamson, Julie 33-107