The Art of Fermenting at Home Certificate

colorful bottles filled with fruit and juiceDo you like the idea of crafting your own specialized flavors of hot sauce and mustard? Do you love kimchi and wish you knew how to make it on your own? Have you heard about the health benefits of fermented foods and drinks, such as kombucha and kefir, and want to incorporate more of them into your diet?  

This five course certificate in fermenting presented by SPSCC and OLY~CULTURES is designed to get you started fermenting at home on your own! 

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Classes in Fermenting Certificate

NOTE: Fundamentals of Fermentation class has been discontinued and is no longer part of the certificate.

NEW!  Fermenting "WILDCARD" Class
Throughout each quarter 3-fermenting topics will be provided at the end of Julie's fermenting classes. Participants choose the topic that intersts them the most. The most requested fermenting topic will be the WILDCARD class to end the quarter. The list of 3-fermenting topics may vary from quarter to quarter, due to seasonal availability of certain produces. It is all up to you and what you want taught! This class is not a requirement for the certificate.

How to Get Started Fermenting

Each course builds essential fermenting skills around a specific focus area but, as a group, this certificate provides a solid understanding of the many benefits of fermenting and the confidence to begin fermenting foods and drinks at home. Courses can be taken in any order.

Throughout these five classes you'll experience a full demonstration and taste samples as you learn the "how to" along with tips and tricks for successful fermenting, ideas for customizing unique flavors, and even creating specialized one-of-a-kind culinary gifts for family and friends. 

Take one course or take them all. Earn The Art of Fermenting at Home Certificate by taking all five courses.
Note: The Fundamentals of Fermentation has been discontinued and is no longer part of the certificate.

Build on your fermenting knowledge or get started with one of these winter quarter specialty classes:

About Julie Kamin-Martin, owner of OLY~CULTURES

Oly~Cultures logoJulie smilingJulie Kamin-Martin is the owner and founder of OLY~CULTURES. Julie had been making kombucha, milk kefir and water kefir for her family and friends for several years when they convinced her of the need for someone to provide for sale both a kombucha starter kit and kefir grains, which contain “LIVE” cultures. Therefore, OLY~CULTURES company was started in order to provide people with the information and starter kits to make their own fermented products at home. Julie enjoys teaching others how to make their own fermented foods. She teaches a variety of cooking classes on each of her products, sharing what has worked for her over the years. She also enjoys teaching classes on cheese making and other fermented foods as well as culinary cooking classes on other cuisines, ethnic dishes, desserts and old time favorites.

Is there a special fermented food, ethnic dish, dessert or old time favorite that you and a group would like to learn to prepare?  We are happy to work with you to create a special class for your group taught by Julie. Give us a call at 360-709-2020 or email us at