Entrepreneurship Certificate

Do you dream of opening your own business one day? Do you currently own a small business and worry everything is not quite working right?  Do you feel your small business could be doing better? This four course certificate in Entrepreneurship is designed to help people in all aspects of starting and growing a small business.  Courses can be taken for no credit as shown below or for college credit.  

Certificate Benefits

Each individual class builds essentials skills, but if you are serious about starting a business we recommend taking all four classes in order to have an overall view of this process.  The series will allow you to leave with these skills.

  • Understand the necessary steps to prepare a sound business plan and successfully launch a small business;
  • Attain the knowledge necessary to understand the financial aspects of a small business both from an outsider’s perspective (banks and potential investors) and an owner’s perspective (using financial information to make decisions);
  • Understand the techniques and methods used to communicate what is special about your business to prospective customers;
  • Understand the legal aspects of owning a small business from regulatory requirements to contracts to human resource issues.

Classes in Certificate

Taking the Certificate for College Credit

If you are interested in doing the certificate for credit please follow the regular admissions steps of the college by clicking on the start here blue link at the top left of this page. For specific questions about the credit program contact Tim Madeley, tmadeley@spscc.edu

Advisor for program - Tim Madeley

After a 25 year career working in various jobs in the commercial playground industry, I was given the opportunity to purchase my long-time employer, BigToys. We started in 2004 with a team of 15 employees and re-invented the company by introducing a product line made largely from recycled materials. This resulted in a doubling of sales in our first four years. In 2010, I recognized the company needed greater resources which led to the acquisition of the company by our largest competitor. This allowed to pursue my passion – teaching in higher education. I am now pleased to be sharing my experiences with students here at SPSCC.

Resources for Entrepreneurs

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