Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

In today’s competitive business environment, efficient data analysis systems are indispensable.  Organizations need to be confident they are applying effective processes to data analysis for accurate results. This GIS certificate provides high-demand technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills.  You will learn how to complete GIS processes, analyze data to aid in answering work related questions, troubleshoot problems, and develop workflows to achieve and communicate an accurate outcome through maps.

Businesses and government understand the need for employees with geospatial intelligence and critical thinking skills.  This certificate will allow you to use GIS to gain practical experience in collecting, analyzing, modeling and presenting data.  Organizing and displaying spatial information will promote better decision making for a wide range of complex demands on limited business resources.  

How it works:

The certificate program is made up of six courses.  Individual courses may be taken without pursuing the entire certificate, though in some cases previous GIS knowledge is required (see individual course descriptions). Start with Learning Geographic Information Systems and progress through the classes.  Each class is scheduled from 8:00am – 4:30pm throughout the year.

Required Courses (66 Hours)