Client-Centered & Master Hypnotherapy Certificate

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Hypnotherapy is a strong helping profession that has been around for hundreds of years. Whether it is  used to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome stress, reduce or eliminate pain, improve self-confidence or other personal goals, hypnotherapy provides a proven method to help clients shift patterns in the mind that are holding them  back from reaching their potential in all areas of their lives. 

Prepare for a career in hypnotherapy with the Client-Centered Hypnotherapy Certificate and then expand your practice and skills with the Master Hypnotherapy Certificate.

The Client-Centered Hypnotherapy training program provides a strong foundation to work with a diverse population of clients. Through classroom instruction and hands-on practice, learn how to do a thorough consultation with clients, inductions into several levels of hypnosis, deepening techniques and convincers as well as the essentials of setting up, starting and operating a successful practice. 

The Master Hypnotherapy training program will move you into advanced techniques for assisting clients with habit control and inner conflict, pain management, as well as techniques to help people living with fibromyalgia, assist with issues during childhood and more. This program will also cover providing sessions for distance clients utilizing current technology such as Zoom or Skype and will review plans for starting and growing a professional practice.

How it Works

  • Each certificate can be completed in as few as 10 weeks.
  • Each certificate has two, 55-hour courses that should be taken in the order listed below.
  • Convenient evening or weekend classes to fit your schedule.
  • Access to small business support is available through the Center for Business & Innovation at the Lacey Campus.
  • Learn more about Washington State Hypnotherapist licensing requirements.

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Courses in Client-Centered Hypnotherapy Certificate

Earn a Client-Centered Hypnotherapy Certificate when you complete both courses.

Courses in Master Hypnotherapy Certificate

Earn a Master Hypnotherapy Certificate when you complete both courses. These courses are appropriate for those who have completed the Client-Centered Hypnotherapy Certificate or have equivalent hypnotherapy education and practice.


Career Outlook

The Client-Centered Hypnotherapy Certificate and Master Hypnotherapy Certificate can prepare you for a career as a professional hypnotherapist and can prepare medical professionals to be eligible to add hypnotherapy to their scope of practice.

  • A full-time professional, licensed hypnotherapist can earn $62,000 - $75,000 a year (;
  • Hypnotherapy can be utilized in private practice, chiropractic, dental, hospital or medical settings, such as with hypno-birthing, pain management or in hospice for end of life preparation, as well as in counseling and psychology practices.

Do you need additional support in starting or growing your new practice?  Small Business classes and services are available through the Center for Business & Innovation (CB&I) at the Lacey Campus. For more information call 360-464-6060, email, or click here to visit the CB&I website.

Meet the Instructor

Ray ZukowskiRay Zukowski is a Licensed Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor of Hypnosis since 2001.  He has been an award-winning instructor at BCTI and Dean of Education. Ray was formerly Mentor Director of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association for five years.