Building Resilient Teams

This program helps supervisors and managers who want to help their teams stay resilient and productive while navigating challenging work situations. Together, the classes create a holistic and sustainable program that includes managing yourself, your relationships, and the tasks that need to be done.

Motivational Strengths

Learn how to apply your most meaningful, energizing, and effective actions at work (especially in tough situations) to create more resilience, sustainable efforts, and better outcomes.

"I came away with a clear sense of what truly motivates me. My perspective on what I can do has changed from ambivalent to enthusiastic. With each class I was able to identify my strengths, pinpoint my values and use new skills to truly support my goals."


Building A Team

Understand the psychology and biology behind how teams really work. Recognize where your team is, and learn how to build a solid, sustainable foundation for progress and collaboration.

"Great course that I recommend we do annually. We were all involved and really enjoyed the exercises we did as a group."


Creating Psychological Safety Through Conversations

Learn how to utilize conversations to create a sense of safety with your team that inspires trust, creativity, information sharing, productivity and wellbeing.

"The best course I've taken with this type of material. These tools will serve in all facets of my life for the rest of my life."


Strengths of Difference

Turn your blind spots into opportunities for collaboration, your annoyances into strategic partnerships. Learn how to transform differences that often show up as misunderstandings into complementary strengths.

Thrive at Work Logo

A creative consulting practice that gets leaders and teams capable, confident, and connected to take on what's next.


"The Thrive At Work team is amazing. Great instructors with real world experience that is invaluable."

"There were a lot of concrete, actionable tools that I think will be really helpful."

"This class was came highly recommended to me. I was afraid of being disappointed but instead was impressed with all I learned."