Personal Trainer Certificate

Prepare for a career helping people attain their health, fitness, and weight loss goals with the Certified Personal Trainer Program. This program prepares you to meet the standards for the American Council on Exercise (ACE)’s Certified Personal Trainer Exam.

Learn to:

  • Provide lifestyle modifications
  • Gain knowledge in nutrition and exercise science
  • Empower, motivate, and retain clients
  • Develop exercise programs and progressions
  • Provide instruction and spotting
  • Screen clients for risk factors
  • Prepare to become certified by the American Council on Exercise

How It Works:

You can take all three classes and complete the Certified Personal Trainer Certificate or take single classes that match your interests. You can begin Fall, Winter, or Spring. This program is taught by ACE Certified Professionals and instruction is based on the ACE Personal Trainer Manual, 5th Edition, the core prep textbook for the ACE Personal Trainer Exam.

Once you pass the Certified Personal Trainer Exam you are eligible to take the ACE Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management exam. Look for the Spring Quarter Nutrition and Weight Management class to help you prepare!

Required Classes

Students receive a discount on the student textbook bundle, which can be purchased here.

Holding a Personal Trainer Certification from the world’s largest nonprofit fitness certification organization provides world-wide industry credibility, opening the door to a career consistently rated #1 in job satisfaction, along with a potential to earn $25-$100 per hour.