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DSHS Adult Family Home Orientation & Administrator Training

Please note you will be required to show picture identification for these classes.


The college is partnering with the Department for Social and Health Services to provide a location for their Adult Family Home Orientation. This one day class provides an overview of the AFH program and expectations of the AFH licensee in providing care and services to the residents in a licensed home setting as well as a brief overview of the process prospective providers will follow in obtaining an AFH license. This class is one of the requirements (see Washington Administrative Code [WAC] 388-76-10060) applicants need to meet prior to turning in the application for licensure. Students will receive a certificate after completing the class; this certificate is valid for one calendar year from the date of attendance.

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Administrator Training

This course meets the Washington State 54 hour education requirement for Adult Family Home providers. This course is required training for those who wish to become licensed as Adult Family Home (AFH) providers in Washington State. This course introduces students to the concepts and principles of management that are essential in the formation and running of an AFH business. The course covers the roles and responsibilities of a licensed provider, the licensing process, business operations of the home, staff management, resident care issues and resident rights. Course includes video and instruction of the inspection processes required for licensing.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently seeking a qualified instructor for this course and not offering classes at this time.  Please check this page quarterly for status updates. 

For questions about Adult Family Home requirements or process you will need to contact DSHS directly.

DSHS website: http://www.altsa.dshs.wa.gov/professional/afh.htm

DSHS Contact: Amena Jones Jonesam2@dshs.wa.gov.