Innovator's DNA

Through decades of research, observation of thousands of innovators, and real-world application with hundreds of organizations, we can definitively say that innovation and creativity can be learned. In fact, academic studies consistently show that more than two-thirds of our creative capacity is dependent on our work environment, job function, and most importantly, our day-to-day decisions.

Innovator's DNA with Innovators Accelerator

The Innovator’s DNA training provides a research backed set of resources and practices to help individuals, teams, and organizations develop the five key behaviors of disruptive innovators. If you or others in your organization are looking to generate innovative, high-impact ideas, this training is for you.

Content is game-changing.

Great insights, good challenges. Opened up a new way of viewing the world approaching the development of innovation in a refreshing and unique way.


The mission of Innovator's DNA is to help individuals and organizations realize their full creative capacity and innovation potential.