Personal Interest

Beginning Computers and Technology

Learn the ins and outs of using your home computer or iPhone/iPad.
Computer Basics Step 1
How to Create a Blog
iPhone/iPad Essentials
iPhoneography - Shoot, Edit, & Share with Your Phone
Teach Your Camera Everything it Knows


We can help you gain English language skills for job interviews and public speaking or help you prepare for the citizenship process.
Better Communication for English Language Learners
How to Apply & Prepare for Citizenship on Your Own
How to Be Better Prepared for the US Citizenship Process


Get trained for working as a certified Flagger. Successful completion of this one day class certifies you for three years.
Flagger Certification

Special Interests

Discover new things, explore new places, and learn a new skill.  These classes cover a variety of areas and you never know what might stir your interest.
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Or see one of these Personal Interest Topics:
Country Swing Dance
Introduction to Voiceovers
Outdoor Eduction/Preparedness
Washington State