Remote Learning

Check out our offerings for live and self-paced online classes.  Our instructors and staff are hard at work developing remote learning opportunities for you so please continue to check back as more classes are being made available in various remote learning formats.  Please check the course descriptions for technical requirements prior to registration.

New to Zoom?  Don't worry! Join us for a test session to test your computer/device to ensure online learning in one of our courses using Zoom technology is a good fit for you.  Register for a session or send us an email at to sign up.


Check out what past participants have to say in this ThurstonTalk article!

  • Book Making                       Self-Paced Distance Learning
  • Winter Acrylic             January 20 – March 10               Live Online
  • Winter Watercolor      February 11 – March 18             Live Online

Get ready for spring.  We will be offering Spring Acrylic, Spring Watercolor and Drawing Celtic Design.


"The instructor was very organized and was able to include an amazing amount of information in four 90-minute classes. There wasn't a wasted minute!  Also, the instructor was very supportive. He made each student feel like they could be/already were a successful writer. He also made sure that everyone in the class knew that it was important to be supportive of each other."-Crafting CompellingCharacter participant

Look forward to Crafting Compelling CharactersWriting Fantasy and Science Fiction and Crafting a Complete Story this spring!

Home, Garden and Special Interest

Health and Wellness

Coming soon!  How to Stop Wasting Food: Save Money & Food Resources  Not yet sure if this is the class for you?  We are excited to offer a free introduction session so you can get a taste for the class and the online learning format.



Curious how music is performed online?  Check out the Olympia Symphony Orchestra holiday concert, including performances by the SPSCC Percival Choir.

DSHS Adult Family Home 

January 29 or February 26     

Business and Job Skills  Live Online

Coming soon! Fingerprint Science   

Client-Centered and Master Hypnotherapy Certificates

  • Online Free Info Session  Learn more about our Client-Centered & Master Hypnotherapy Certificate programs in this informational session with instructor Raymond Zukowski.
  • Basic Hypnosis This is the first course in the Client-Centered Hypnotherapy Certificate.
  • Hypnotherapy: This is the second course in the Client-Centered Hypnotherapy Certificate.
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy: This is the first course in the Master Hypnotherapy Certificate. 
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy Specialties.  This is the second course in the Master Hypnotherapy Certificate.

Graphic Designer I Certificate       Live Online

Human Resource Management  Live Online

Professional Development Live Online

Technical Solutions Delivery Certificate Live Online       

Project Management Live Online   


Program Management   Live Online

Business Analysis  Live Online

Information Security Live Online

Tech Live Online

  • Excel 2016 Level 2                                                                           January 20-21
  • SQL Structured Query Language Level 1                                     January 20-21
  • Excel: Interactive Reports                                                              January 22
  • Excel 2016 Level 3                                                                           January 27-28
  • Access 2016 Level 1                                                                         February 1-2
  • Python Programming Level 1                                                         February 8-9
  • Tips, Tools, and Tricks in Excel                                                     February 9
  • Outlook 2016 Level 1                                                                       February 10
  • SQL Server Fundamentals                                                              February 10-11
  • Visio 2016 Level 2                                                                            February 17-18
  • SQL Structured Query Language Level 1                                      February 23-24
  • XML/Javascript for the Non Tech                                                    February 25
  • Active Directory Design, Deployment, Administration                 March 1-2
  • Excel 2010/2013 Level 1                                                                  March 1-2
  • Excel Formula Favorites Class: 2013/2016                                    March 3
  • Creating Dashboards in Excel                                                        March 9
  • SharePoint 2013 for Site Users                                                       March 9-10
  • Access 2013 Level 1                                                                         March 10-11
  • Outlook 2016 Level 2                                                                        March 15
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)                                         March 15-17
  • Software Testing for Non-Programmers                                        March 16

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