Remote Learning

Please check the course descriptions for technical requirements prior to registration.  New to Zoom?  Don't worry! Join us for a test session to test your computer/device to ensure online learning in one of our courses using Zoom technology is a good fit for you.  Register for a session or send us an email at to sign up.


"The instructor was very organized and was able to include an amazing amount of information in four 90-minute classes. There wasn't a wasted minute!  Also, the instructor was very supportive. He made each student feel like they could be/already were a successful writer. He also made sure that everyone in the class knew that it was important to be supportive of each other."-Crafting Compelling Character participant


Home, Garden and Special Interest


DSHS Adult Family Home 

DSHS Adult Family Home Orientation                             February 25


Client-Centered and Master Hypnotherapy Certificates

  • Hypnotherapy: This is the second course in the Client-Centered Hypnotherapy Certificate

Graphic Designer I Certificate       

Mastering Design Principles 101                           February 3-4

Photoshop CC                                                        February 24-25 

Illustrator CC 101                                                   March 15-16   


Human Resource Management

Human Resource Risk Management                     February 8

Total Rewards                                                        March 1


Technical Solutions Delivery Certificate

Internet Information Services                                March 3


Project Management

Project Quality & Performance Management             February 3-4

Project Cost & Schedule Management                      February 14-15

Project Management Essentials                                February 17-18

Project Risk Management                                            March 8-9

Project Scope & Requirements Management           March 17-18


Business Analysis

Business Analysis Techniques                                              February 23-24


Information Security   

Security: Malware, Networks & More                                 February 1-2

Security: Digital Forensics                                                  February 15-16

Security: Physical Risks and Disasters                               March 9-10



Outlook 2016 Level 1                                                      February 1

HTML Level 1                                                                 February 1-2

Word 2016 Level 1                                                          February 9

Excel 2013 Level 2                                                         February 9-10

Articulate Storyline 3 & 360 Beyond Essential Level 2    February 14-15

Visio 2016 Level 1                                                           February 14-15

Excel 2016 Level 1                                                          February 15-16

Access 2013 Level 1                                                       February 15-16

SharePoint 2016 for Site Users                                      February 16-17

Excel 2010/2013 Level 1                                                February 16-17

Excel Pivot Tables: 2013/2016                                          February 17

SQL Level 2: Stored Procedures and More                       February 23

Excel 2016 Level 2                                                          February 23-24

Active Directory Design, Development, Administration       March 1-2

Creating Dashboards in Excel                                             March 1-2

Outlook 2016 Level 1                                                           March 2

Visio 2016 Level 2                                                             March 2-3

SharePoint 2013 for Site Owners                                      March 7-8

Access 2016 Level 2                                                          March 8-9

PowerShell: Active Directory                                              March 8-9

SQL for Basic SQL Constructs                                            March 9

Excel Formula Favorites Class: 2013/2016                       March 10

Excel 2016 Level 3                                                           March 15-16

Outlook 2016 Level 2                                                         March 16

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