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Database Administrator - some experience required

Unfortunately, this isn't entry-level. If you have "Six (6) years of experience working in Information Technology within data management or application development AND a two-year degree in computer science/information technology," please apply!


Mentoring, tutoring, funding for students with disabilities in computing-related fields

AccessComputing, a National Science Foundation funded Broadening Participation in Computing Alliance, provides mentoring and funding for career development activities for students with disabilities in computing-related fields. This includes:

Application Developer in Thurston County

This is a great job for a recent graduate who wants to be a developer.  Initially they will be working in VB\VBA  for MS Office, but it will evolve into TSQL, ASP, C#, JavaScript, and all the other web things.  We say we want a graduate, but I think the right student who is finishing their studies  and may have some experience may also qualify.  The BIIA is a small  state agency with our office located across the freeway from SPSCC in West Olympia.


w3schools link for people interested in CIS

I point basically everyone who considers programming to the w3Schools HTML tutorial ( ) . Do the sections in this order: Basic, Elements, Introduction, Attributes, Headings, Paragraphs, Styles, Comments, Colors. If you finish all that and are still interested in learning more, computer programming might be a good fit for you!

Other tutorials worth checking out:


Programming contest at UW Tacoma, November 5, 2022

We at the School of Engineering and Technology would like to invite you to spread the word to your students about the Puget Sound Fall Programming Contest.    - *When*: November 5th, 2022 - 9am-4pm - Some food and beverages provided    - *Where*: University of Washington Tacoma - SCI 105    - *Who*: Student teams of three (highschool students to undergraduate


UW Tacoma has space for transfer students!

UWT is one of our major transfer targets. We hear good things about their programs from students who go there after SPSCC!

In the lightly-edited words of one of their recruiters:

UWT offers the following programs: Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Science (BA/BS). We still have space in all of our SET programs at the UW Tacoma campus for students interested in earning a degree at UWT.