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Flowstate hiring a full-time web designer

Flowstate in Olympia, WA is looking to hire a full-time web designer.   This is a paid position for students with programming and visual/graphics design ability. If you enjoyed CIS 185/235 and created pages that look nice, this could be a fit for you!

I urge applicants to take screenshots of a page or pages they have created, to show their design ability. The pages don't have to be coursework. Good luck!



Feb 10th @ 2:00: Guest lecture by Dr. Richard Weiss on computer architecture

Dr. Richard Weiss will give an introductory lecture on computer architecture, including how memory systems work. This is a great chance for computer science (CS) transfer students to learn more about their field, but it is not limited to CS. All students are welcome!



Research Workshop for Undergraduates with Disabilities Interested in Computer Science

AccessComputing is planning a research workshop in early 2021 for undergraduates with disabilities interested in computer science research. AccessComputing is a National Science Foundation project that works to increase the participation of people with disabilities in computing education and careers.