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Multifactor Authentication

All SPSCC employees are required to have additional authentication measures beyond just username and password. These factors make our networks and college data more secure.

Your ClipperID can be secured with multiple factors including an app, an SMS (text) code, a voice code, or a USB security fob. Employees will be asked to set up a minimum of two of these factors but can enable them all if they prefer.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Overview video

The first time you use your ClipperID, you will be prompted with onscreen instructions to setup your first additional factor. After completing this set up, you will be prompted at login to verify your identity using one of the factors you enabled, with the default being whatever you used last.

Below are detailed help videos on how to set up each of the additional factors. We strongly recommend that you set up at least two, specifically using different hardware, in case something goes wrong with one.

You can update your factors at any time by going to your user settings at and adjusting them as needed.