Community & Business

SPSCC's economic impact to the community

The value of SPSCC impacts the regional economy as well as the lives of our students. The college serves a range of industries in the SPSCC service area, supports local businesses, and benefits society as a whole in Washington from an expanded economy and proved quality of life.

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Building community

At SPSCC, we take pride in the “community” part of our name. We have served the community for close to fifty years. Our mission is to create a network that supports the needs of our students as well as our community.

We work with community members and partners to address local needs. Whether it’s servicing cars, providing space for events, improving dental health, or helping to find a prospective employee, we want our community to consider the college as a resource.

We have a rich array of public services, community classes, cultural enrichment, entertainment and recreational opportunities for community members.