Catering & Dining

A special service for your next event

COVID-19 Impacts

We are NOT able to offer catering services at this time.

Support local businesses: many local businesses continue to offer catering. We encourage you to check out our local food scene on the Experience Olympia website.

Looking to treat your guests at a special event? SPSCC Catering will help craft the perfect meal through full-service buffets, box lunches, appetizer platters, and more. Don't forget to explore renting a venue at SPSCC.

Catering to your needs

SPSCC Catering professionals have years of industry experience, giving your event and guests the best possible experience. Leverage SPSCC Catering for on-and off-campus events of any size. Meet all your guests' dietary needs with local and seasonally-inspired menus complete with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. 

Menus and Pricing

In addition to a standard menu, SPSCC Catering offers a per diem menu and accepts custom menu requests. 

Contact Catering Services

Catering services are available to the public. Start by filling out our Catering & Events Request Form.

Campus Dining

For Percival Restaurant and other on-campus dining info, see Cafe & Dining.

Testimonials from our customers

“Just wanted to thank you and your crew for a wonderful holiday party. Last year so many commented about how good the food was and this year the comments were it was better than last year.”
— Robbie Marchesano, Prorate and Fuel Tax Audit

“Although I’ve only lived in Olympia for about 4 years, I’ve never had a dining experience like that one. It was entirely fabulous. The menu was incredible… The blending of flavors reminded me of an artist who was blending paints together to create a new color. The flavors were so harmonious and you are to be congratulated on the presentation.... I just wanted to thank you for such an extraordinary experience and to let you know how much I’ve been bragging about your team.”
— Nancy Miller, Associate Professor, English

“WOW, what a gorgeous presentation! Not only was the food beautiful, but the flavors were delightful as well. I have been with this college for 14 years now and can attest to the wonderful strides the culinary arts department has made over the last couple of years.”
— Debbie Foglia

“The food was fantastic, and highly praised by everyone I spoke with! There were many important folks at the event and everyone was simply ecstatic about the menu presented. The wonderful fruit and cheese bites and absolutely gorgeous desserts are still being talked about. I work in Student Services and am so proud to see our culinary students exceed even the highest expectations.”
— Violet Lamb, SPSCC Lacey Campus Student Services