Cooperative Work Experience


SPSCC provides employers with highly motivated students wanting to gain hands-on work experience in their area of study or interest. We are thankful to employers wanting to offer work experience opportunities to our students. It shows a commitment to our community by supporting educational and career goals.

Internship Benefits for Employers
  • Short term workers with up to date knowledge of current trends and technology
  • Assistance with daily workload and support for special projects
  • Participation in the educational process and personal satisfaction in helping educate tomorrow's workforce.

We screen students based on qualifications and usually collect application materials and forward them to the employer (via email). The employer is responsible for choosing prospective candidates, setting up the interviews, and selecting the intern.

Once selected, students go through the Co-op office to enroll and obtain the quarterly paperwork.  The student will collaborate with the work site supervisor and a faculty member in their program of study to develop a set of measurable goals to be achieved for the quarter. The student will be responsible for all paperwork and will turn the objectives into the Co-op office the second week of the quarter. Toward the end of the quarter the faculty coordinator will conduct a site visit coordinated by the student. The employer will be sent an employer evaluation form which will count toward 40% of the student’s grade.

Typical Internship Timeframes
Internships normally run concurrent with the fall, winter, spring, or summer quarters.
Summer: Early July to Late August
Fall: Mid-Late September to Early-Mid December
Winter: Early January to Late March
Spring: Early April to Mid-Late June

Please allow for sufficient time to screen and select appropriate candidates before the quarter begins. A great number of our students are subject to enrollment deadlines because of various funding sources, which means most students must be enrolled for the internship credits by the Friday before the quarter begins. Students being offered internship opportunities after the deadline will most likely not be able to enroll and pay for the credits.

Posting an Internship
Please contact the Co-op office to get an account set up in our Clippers for Hire database. This allows the employer or designee to enter the information regarding the internship.  We ask for a description, qualifications, wage (paid/unpaid), hours, and how to apply.  Most employers ask us to collect resumes and forward them electronically.  We do screen the students for the employer.  They are only able to view the internship description and qualifications online.  Students must go through our office for a referral.

On-Campus Interview Rooms
The WSECU Center for Career Services has two interview rooms available to employers who would prefer interviewing students on-campus. Please contact the Co-op office for more information.


Cooperative Work Experience (Co-op) is an academic internship program that integrates a student’s classroom study with planned supervised learning in positions related to the student’s program of study or area of interest. Students are awarded credit and a grade not for the work itself, but for the demonstration of learning which occurs in and throughout the work experience.

Internship Benefits & Eligibility for Students

Cooperative Work Experience (Co-op or CWE) is an academic credit course offered to students enrolled in programs at the college. Many Associate in Applied Science degrees or certificates require an internship as a core requirement. Other programs offer internships as electives.

Students are awarded credit and a grade not for the work itself, but for the demonstration of learning which occurs in and throughout the work experience. The learning that takes place at the work site must be related to educational or future career goals. Students pay for the credits for this course.

The internship program requires documented learning. Students collaborate with their faculty and the internship site supervisor to establish measurable learning objectives. These objectives are measured and graded by your faculty at the end of the quarter. Search and apply for internships and Co-ops on Clippers4Hire.

Students must be pursuing a degree or certificate at South Puget Sound Community College and must complete at least two quarters (25 credits minimum) of college level work in their program of study. Students must be in good standing with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or higher is required. Please note: Some employers may require a higher grade point average.