Media & eLearning

Our world is getting more virtual by the day and we need to develop the skills and resources to support State Agencies, private businesses, and our community. This includes on-demand learning, web content, multi-format delivery of information, and much more. Quality production and development of these resources is vital in serving your employees, customers, and audience. We want to create the best digital content so people are engaged, enlightened, and empowered. This means addressing different learnings style and accessiblity. Below are different areas that we can help you with, whether it is building content from scratch, or assisting you with converting your current in-person on written content into a virtual and interactive experience. We also provide courses designed to assist you in creating content yourself through various platforms and programs.

Not sure how to get started? Reach out to schedule a consulation! We can assist project planning and exploring the options available. Watch the quick video below Dave Pratt, one of our Project Management Certificate instructors to learn more about how to get started on:

[Dave video placeholder]


Are you looking to convert your training and educational materials to a digital, on-demand format? We will work with you to develop your courses to meet the needs of your learners. This can include:

  • Recorded live lecture paired with multi-media and engagement.
    • [Sample video - Jim]
  • PowerPoint conversion with narrated audio and gamification.
    • [Sample PPT with finished Storyline Project (before and after)]
  • Full course development working with your subject matter experts.
  • Animated or live-action videos for demonstrations, lectures, or sample interactions.
    • [Sample video - Jim]
  • Software simulations
    • [Sample video - ???]

If you already have your materials, we can also assist with enhancement and finishing such as:

  • Custom games and interactions.
  • Accessibility review and adjustments.
  • Voiceover/Narration (English, Spanish, Portugeuse).
  • Course hosting/LMS access to track learner progress and completion.

Other Media Services

Media & eLearning Development Certificate

Looking to create your own media? We can help with that too! The Media & eLearning Certificate will introduce you to the basics of several tools to help you make your own content. Courses can be taken individually, or you can complete the 4 core courses, and supplement with additional courses to curate a custom certificate package:

Core Courses:

  • Adult Learning Theory
  • Articulate Storyline: The Essentails
  • Articualte Storyline: Beyond the Essentails
  • Articulate Storyline: Tips, Tricks & Gamification
  • Screenreader Testing with NVDA (in development)

Supplemental Courses:

  • Audio & Voiceover Basics
  • Filming & Video Basics
  • Video Editing